Best Video Dr. Keith Scott-Mumby Ever Made

I just spent 3 weeks with Dr. Keith in Las Vegas, and while I was on the plane back to Europe, he started to work on this video. It is probably the best video he ever made, and he has made many good videos! [see below for link to this video].

Here is my brief assessment of his teachings.

Dr. Keith talks about the things that matter most to me (how to eliminate negative mental energy that causes us to disable ourselves to a higher or lesser degree) in the way I always wanted them presented: linked into the vast body of those historical sources who were the first to work in the area of the body-mind-spirit complex, following their track up to present time, pointing out what works and what not, and finally presenting a system that has evolved over the decades into a practical approach that absolutely hits the nail on the head. People are flying before they even board their plane when Dr. Keith’s wife Vivien is driving them back to the airport after a few intense days of working with Supernoetics!

No matter what area of human life he is covering, if I compare his writings with things I have studied before and that covered the same area, his work is superior, advanced, more knowledgeable, more aware of ancient history as well as the most modern discoveries, and what’s most important: applicable to anyone who has the fire of determination to clean up their past and become more themselves – to unlock and manifest their full personal potential.

I am honored to have been chosen to become part of the Supernoetics adventure as a teacher and trainer, and hopefully a good ambassador.

Heidrun Beer, Copenhagen. Mar 2017.

Link to the video: Why Practitioners Are The Important First Responders

The Code Of Living Delight


We have many codes of behavior. Mostly interdicts (things that are restricted or forbidden). We have lists of priorities. But what about a code of delight? Should we not subscribe to a ritual code of happiness, meaning and sheer indulgence of joy? Aristotle, no less, said the highest duty of an individual was the pursuit of happiness.

The thing is, he recognized that joy does not walk along with bad behavior; to find true happiness we must live well and behave gently towards others. Hence delight has an implicit code…

Such a code could never be enforced but then, at the highest level, it would be self-enforcing—because pleasure is the motivator or reward! Delight is telling you that you are walking a goodness path.

Pleasure and happiness seem to get a bad rap. That’s because of religions, which seek to enforce lack, need, suffering and boundaries, in order to keep their members enslaved and malleable.

They thrive on poverty, fear, self-effacement and tragedy.

But this is stupid teaching: God—whatever you conceive that to mean—has wrapped happiness into the world for a reason. It is put there, not to be scoffed at, derided and avoided, but to be indulged, honestly, openly, freely, without guilt and without let or hindrance.

In fact delight (as opposed to religious smugness) is the surest sign you are close to the state of God. Serene radiance, the full ecstasy of Being, is our most valid pursuit in Supernoetics®. It has been attained by many individuals, many times in history. Abram Maslow studied it, when and where it surfaced. It is not a theoretical abstraction.

Neither is it an entitlement. It is a reward for those who achieve greatness at the highest level of Being.

So what would such a code look like? Let’s take a shot at it… Continue reading

What Is Knowledge Really?

It’s one of those sort of things that, well… everyone knows! But what does it mean, to know? How do we know we know? We remember stuff, but is that the same as knowing? Oh no, certainly not…

Philosophers have argued for over 2,000 years about what it means to know something. It’s called “The Problem Of Knowledge”.

Plato and Aristotle took a bite out of it.  The so-called skeptics (the group of Greek philosophers around the 5th century BC, not the negate-all twerps on the Internet today) doubted that it could be proved that knowledge is possible. They were very cautious about stating anything was true because, as they argued, how could you prove it?

Even today, with quantum physics dominating our world, there is no way to prove that quantum theory is correct. It works right enough; but we might have the right results from the wrong explanation!

It’s fascinating really, to grapple with problems of the mind at this level. Continue reading

Singing Plants of Damanhur Are Conscious

Nobody who is fully aware of the nature of consciousness can escape the fact that all of Creation is alive and singing.

Plants can be wired to musical synthesizers and heard actually altering the sounds and creating their own melodies consciously. Here is a video made by the commune of Damanhur. You may remember in Hazel Courteney’s talk, I questioned her about her visit to Damanhur and what she shared with us was very exciting.

Listen now to the “sound” of conscious awareness. It’s delightful to behold!

The Delusion Of Being You!

My attention was grabbed by an article in New Scientist, which revealed that experiments were being done in which a robot was controlled by thought alone. The human subject in a laboratory was wired to a functional MRI (fMRI) scanner, which read his intentions according to which parts of the brain cortex were lit up (in stimulation). This notional action was then relayed as instructions to a robot, thousands of kilometres away, which made the movement that the lab experimenter was thinking about.

Shades of the Avatar movie!

We all know we are on the brink of the era in which we can control computers by means of our thoughts; I even wrote about it in my 1999 best-selling book Virtual Medicine. Well, that day is come…

Moreover, we may soon reach a time when we can use a computer-controlled surrogate body to trek across the Sahara, shoot the rapids in the Grand Canyon, have dinner in Paris with a friend and even go to the moon.

This beats “virtual reality” to Hell and back!

True Embodiment

Tele-operated robots, those that can be remotely controlled by a human, have been around for decades.

This new approach goes way beyond that. What was truly remarkable about this experiment was that the human subject began to feel he actually WAS the robot. He felt it was part of himself. We call that embodiment.

Let’s learn more: Continue reading

Dancing For Joy While Driving a Car

I suppose this blog ought to come with a severe health warning! Nevertheless, I share it with you from a position of love and exhilaration.

There have been (many) times in my life when my joy simply bubbled over; it effervesced, like sparkling wine overflowing the bottle when shaken.

Sometimes the thrill has overtaken me while driving the car.

I danced. Carefully, of course, with sufficient attention on the road and other traffic—but I danced at the wheel. Peripheral vision comes to the rescue; peripheral vision is how you drive home safely, without even noticing the stop lights or other vehicles. How you can’t even remember the turns you made because they are on automatic.

It can be enhanced by good “caffeine music”.

I rarely do it with a passenger but one Swedish girlfriend went home with a tale and, apparently, told all her friends. She wasn’t scared she told me, but everything about common sense and social training cried out for her against what should be a crazy thing to do.

Yet she saw the delight! Continue reading