A New You


We are all the product of our past. There’s no getting away from that.

We’ve found a way to quickly and permanently re-engineer that past, so that it’s different. Your whole experience of life up to this point is transformed! Supernoetics® does this rather easily and permanently.

The result is inevitable: a new YOU!

If you feel differently about the past, you’ll feel different about everything, including your future. You know that makes sense. In fact it’s a Supernoetics® saying, we all live twice: the life you have had up till now and then the life from this point on. They do not have to be the same!

Rubrics and Formulas

A rubric or formula is where real the magic lies. You’ll see lots of these as important properties of Supernoetics™. By a rubric is meant a series of action steps. These usually need to be taken in sequence. Moreover, the whole won’t work if a part is missing.

The essence of a rubric is getting a result. In that sense, a rubric could be likened to a recipe: ingredients to put in, actions necessary and an outcome that is clearly defined.

For an example of this, let me quote my Recovery Rubric, a series of steps you take when life seems overwhelming and you can’t seem to get through your projects, because there is so much to do. Continue reading

Join Me In A Time Capsule Experiment!

Somebody suggested this series was good enough to go into a time capsule and be left for future generations to “re-discover”. Watch this video and see what you think!

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