Study Can Save The World!

I first wrote this piece in 1992 (almost 20 years ago, well ahead of the pack). It made a profound impact with one radio station in Monte Carlo, where I was living at the time. Apart from adding one sentence about electronic toys, which were barely on the horizon at the time, it’s pretty much as I wrote it.

Imagine being asked how you would save the world; what answer would you give? How could you justify it? For the sake of this discussion, it might be simply said that the only thing really wrong with our world is Man and his insane depredations, which threaten both him and the ecosystem on which he depends.

We are therefore talking about a way to limit or prevent human madness from manifesting its extreme destructive potential, or better still, eliminating it altogether, so that we collectively and individually think rationally and come up with survival strategies, that are supportive and empowering decisions which enhance and nurture our civilizations, instead of blighting and destroying them or the planet.

Suppose you were limited to just one approach to the challenge and nothing more; you had to decide upon a  course of action that you could foresee would, taken to its ultimate conclusion, free the world of all its misery and ills, so that wars, disease, poverty, injustice and strife became a thing of the past.

Do you think it is even possible to come up with such a comprehensive plan of action? Should we try – or are there very good reasons to leave things as they are and let history take its course?

If it is agreed we should make this gallant attempt, what factors would you try to eradicate or change? What positive qualities would you try to introduce? People have had many ideas of this kind in the past, which sadly haven’t worked. So in this line of questioning we would have to be sure we knew how these failures had come about and how to conquer the factors that had caused all those worthy earlier efforts to fail. Continue reading