Original Research Into Communication Difficulties

Help me out on some original enquiries folks

I would like to say help with research but, with you guys, I know you would only think of medical science research. This is more sociology research, concerning communication difficulties we all have.

Communication is central to our Being. Elsewhere I have written that we only really “exist” to the degree that we communicate. If we didn’t communicate (connect) with anyone or anything, how could we be said to be there? Who would know!

I’ve written a lot about this theme, which is central to wellness and mind health. I came up with the idea of a “model answer”, meaning a good (intelligent) pre-patterned way of responding in certain critical situations.

OK, that blows spontaneity out of the window. But communication is important and, just as you wouldn’t go rock climbing without practicing the basic moves, why would we launch ourselves into relationships without rehearsing some of the basic exchanges?

You can be spontaneous about what you want to say, maybe, but it would be better to be practiced at getting the words out expertly. Continue reading