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  1. Keith, I like what you are saying about ‘rationality’. I sense what is happening now is an expansion of the way we think. To encompass both mind and heart. The heart being the wisdom ‘compass’ and the intellect / mind being excellent at finding the path to that goal.

    Another way to look at this is the excellent book and (animated) lecture by Iain McGilchrist on left / right brain integration. His book titled “The Master and His Emissary.” Left brain being specialized for narrow focus and linear thinking. Right brain looking at the world from a holistic perspective. Our western culture has become lopsided in the narrow focus way. There are technologies that can assist in achieving better integration.


  2. Dear Keith Scott Mumby
    hello! I really did like the mind video I just saw on my computer. I am totally reaching out right now to God and my higher consciousness to live a better and more enjoyable life, to reach beyond and get OVER this hump that I am in right now. I wish I could do it. My husband of 6 years and I have had the usual financial problems of so many Americans right now. We both make a pretty good living but we are both so stressed out, I am especially cuz of the game or rat race of LIFE. i DO need YOUR CD’S and what you are offering but cannot afford it. There is just too many bills. Tooday we are trying to figure out how to cut out some of our bills and get rid of them. Higher gas prices, taxes, my mortgage interest rates, etc…is very hard and depressing and people NOT paying me for their ads on my maps that I do. I’m an artist/writer/cartographer/ publisher and I need to get into a better frame of mind and do something to get out of this terrible situation I’m in and i finally opened up your e mail after months of getting them and not really reading them and I finally did this morning at 3 am, I couldn’t sleep at all and had to laugh at your comment of writers diarrhea….i have the same thing!
    But as soon as I can and as soon as I get more bills paid down I want to get these relaxing brain inspirational CDs you’re talking about. . . .maybe in about 6-9 mos. I’m praying for a break thru in everything in my life. My husband, my daughter, etc.
    oh my gosh, I am so READY for waht you’re talking about !
    crying in Iowa, but I’m from Laguna Beach CAlifornia. . ..and Valencia….lived in Boca Raton and Virginia Beach right next to Edward Caycee employees. !!! same block and all. Amazing.
    I’ve lived the life, believe me and now just struggling. Wish I could talk in person. Well, I love the e mails and THANK YOU Keith for what you are doing.
    Julie Marr-potter ! 712-899-6277 cell phone, that nasty evil thing!
    so true.

    • Hi George,
      I only just discovered this huge raft of comments.
      I’m having to work like crazy to get off a reply
      to every person.

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