Aristotle at my back

Today I had a quite overwhelming experience.

I walked around Aristotle’s Lyceum in Athens. I suddenly knew with total certainty I have been there before, strolling and debating the Big Issues. I was one of the so-called peripatetic philosophers!

Wave after wave of emotion hit me, in one of the most complete déjà vu experiences I have ever had. It took me by surprise.

I have no idea why. I have long known I was in Ancient Athens and was joined here by a spirit companion, with whom I still share my thoughts, visions and research.

Even so, this morning caught me totally by surprise. I was so overcome with flood of pictures (MIMPs) and emotions I had to sit down and recover.

Viv said she could feel the energies too, incidentally.

It’s a very modest site, as you can see, with only scant archeological remains of what was perhaps the most important location in the whole history of Mankind. Here Aristotle and his fellow thinkers (me included!) thrashed out the whole structure of Western scientific thought. Aristotelean logic was to stand for the next 18 centuries and Aristotle himself remained the preeminent thinker in just about every discipline of human knowledge, from astronomy and cosmology, to math, logic, medicine and physics.

With the exception of Sir Isaac Newton, there has never been a mind the equal of Aristotle. To just feel his presence was very unnerving.

He was suddenly very close indeed.

Lost Universes and Failed Purposes

As spiritual beings we have been on a quest for a very long time… indeed before and beyond time, in a very real sense. Some of our actions go back to other, older universes, in which things were different. The current Hollywood obsession with weird, mystical kingdoms, where creatures and humanoids could shape-shift at will and create appalling constructive and destructive effects, is something of a hark back to these lost universes.

Thing is, those universes are still out there. We just don’t need them at this time. Forward is better than backwards. Nevertheless, we carry a great many of these “lost universes” around with us: as memory! And, yes, they do impact us. Continue reading

If King Arthur Didn’t Exist We Would Have To Invent Him

You will recognize the title at once as a paraphrase of Voltaire’s famous and witty quote: “If God didn’t exist it would be necessary to invent him.”

What’s brought this up? Last night I watched a wonderful TV documentary on Arthur “The Once And Future King”, by historical presenter Michael Wood. Wood has some amazing magic that’s hard to fathom but he turns legend and history into stuff more moving and inspiring than anything Hollywood could ever produce (and NOT EXCLUDING Lord of The Rings, Avatar, Lost Horizon and all the other epics).

For example, Wood explains a super plausible hypothesis of the sword in the stone myth. He suggests it’s far, far older than the Arthur legend and rests on the “magic” of early smithing and how metal was brought forth from the ground, after heating in fire. Swords were cast in stone moulds! So when the cast was cooled and the mould opened, the wielder of magical knowledge really did draw forth a sword from the stone! Continue reading