Clean Hands

Let me talk about mean acts. This isn’t a technical term but it is a phenomenon well-known to us all: behaving badly, with or without justification or excuse, which hurts others, causes damage or compromises integrity.

Truth is, it’s not so much the hurting others angle that bothers us, apparently, so much as the being ashamed of admitting what we did. The reluctance to tell, the embarrassment, the guilt or the shame is what singles out these acts. These are the moments of low self-esteem and marked discomfort.

Consider for a moment the definition of mean. I scooped these particular definitions together from several online dictionaries:

Mean: Adj. unkind, spiteful, or unfair. synonyms: unkind, nasty, unpleasant, spiteful, malicious, unfair, cruel, shabby, foul, despicable, contemptible, obnoxious, vile, odious, loathsome, base, low.

Yikes, that’s pretty unpleasant stuff! Trouble is we know, despite trying to kid ourselves, that these acts could be all of those things.

But now look at a related word (not a derivative though): Continue reading

The Politics Of Freedom

Jun 26, 2016 (Brexit plus 3)

Much as I deplore politics and its corruption, and would love to stay out of it, we have little choice today. Plato famously remarked the great penalty for declining to get involved in government is that you end up being ruled by idiots or inferiors (various translations and mis-translations of this, from Republic Book 1, 347-C).

I would prefer to re-write it as: the penalty you pay for refusing to get involved in politics is that you end up governed by criminal, power-hungry, abusive masterminds. That’s largely the shift that’s taking place on the world’s stage today.

As the bullying might of communist Russia and China is slowly evaporating, and US imperialist power is brought down by the weakened dollar, a far more sinister force for global evil is stalking us. Globalism. Disguised as being for the good of all, it means the imposition of a planetary control system in which ordinary people will be as weak and docile cattle, fodder for the power-hungry globalist elite.

The issue was front and foremost this very week, when Britain shocked the world by suddenly opting to bale out of enslavement to the European “one world” model and go it alone. It took everyone by surprise, because nobody really foresaw it.

Certainly not The International Monetary Fund. The IMF is close to controlling the whole planet (intentionally). It acts like a global loan shark, exerting enormous leverage over the economies of more than 60 countries. These countries have to follow the IMF’s policies to get loans, international assistance, and even debt relief. Thus, the IMF decides how much debtor countries can spend on education, health care, and environmental protection. The IMF is one of the most powerful institutions on Earth — yet few know how it works.

The IMF wants slaves. Notice how they forced Greece to stay in the EU, even though nobody wanted that, least of all Greece. Letting a country slip out of their grip is the last thing they want, as the jaws of the trap close about us.

Catch this great cartoon by Ben Garrison:


It remains to be seen whether Britain will be crushed for her impertinence or whether her rebellious stand will create such turmoil that the globalists will be set back a full quarter century.

For the rest of this disturbing topic, I defer to brilliant investigative journalist Jon Rappaport ( Continue reading

The Internet Will Survive All Attacks

Since first writing about The Worldwide Web (www) twenty years ago, things have advanced rapidly. I predicted it would change human consciousness. It has done that and more: it has physically united us all across the globe.

Of course the one-world dominion movement, whoever and wherever they are, will not be happy about people freely communicating; it’s the very opposite of slavery!

Governments are constantly threatening to “regulate” the Internet, meaning take away its freedom and make it do what they want. China has already shut down parts of the Internet, to prevent its slave-citizens finding out what the world is like beyond its borders. Ousted president Mubarak of Egypt probably wishes he had!

I predict that the first really major move to shut down the free Internet will come from the United States. There have already been threats. The USA has the attitude it owns the Internet, just because most computer and web-based companies are US in origin (Apple, Google, Microsoft, eBay, Facebook, etc.)

The threat to international freedom and accord when this fascist act finally takes place has worried me for a long time. But this morning a new concept emerged for me; it’s the combination of the above ideas and something else I’ve been teaching for years as a doctor.

Life will find a way!

These are (to me) portentous words from the movie Jurassic Park. Mad Doctor Hammond (Richard Attenborough) is trying to control his population of dinosaurs by breeding them dependent on the amino acid lysine. Since they cannot make their own lysine, they cannot breed—or so thinks the naïve Hammond. But Jeff Blom’s character, Dr. Ian Malcolm, warns him that it won’t work; life will always grow, change, expand, find its way round blockages. It will evolve. Life cannot be contained; it’s too clever, too relentlessly  ingenious.

And sure enough, the nightmare starts when they find that some of the raptors have learned to breed and reproduce without the lysine. Life will solve its needs somehow.

I take that to be what will happen if ever there is a threat to control or destroy the Internet. All over this planet there are 7 billion clever life forms called Humankind. Many of them are industrious, card-carrying geeks, who will see control as a personal challenge; something to be worked around or overthrown (rather like hackers do now).

Somehow they will come up with a solution, like the movie dinosaurs did. I don’t know how it will be solved but I do know this: Life will find a way.

Two Of The Most Evil Books Ever

Does the idea of psychiatrists diagnosing you with “personality disorder” shock or worry you? It does me. A more crackpot bunch of twisted loonies I have rarely to meet than those doctors who assume the right to make pronouncements about another person’s mental health and personality because they are “experts” in the mind.

99.99% of psychiatrists don’t even have a definition of normal behavior. Like the “Real Wives Of Orange County”? Are they “normal” people? Ha! Who would you pick as a definition of what normal should be?

Then there is the problem of memes: are people who have picked up nonsensical thinking from others or from their parents (so-called “thought viruses”) suffering from personality disorder, or just lousy educational input?

99.99% of psychiatrists don’t know that thinking disorders are mainly physical: low hormones, toxic foods, lack of key vitamins, toxoplasmosis, slow viruses, etc. Is that personality disorder or disease? If someone acts sick and talks babble because they are feverish and delerious, we don’t call that personality disorder; so why is it a disorder if there are other physical causes? Continue reading