The Human Mind Has Infinite Capacity

It’s been my teaching these 40 years that we know EVERYTHING. To function in this universe, we must simply choose to not-know (a verb) most of it.

But it’s all in there. We just don’t use it. No, I’m not talking about not using 90% of our “brain”. This has nothing to do with the brain.

I’m talking about the knowing of spirit, which is to know EVERYTHING in the hologram. We are using only a trillion billionth of what we potentially know.

Is this claim outrageous? Well, it doesn’t fit the silly prattlings of the brain-is-mind crowd. But it’s true, to all intents and purposes. As a clue to what’s possible, consider the phenomenon of savantism.

A savant (from the French savoir, to know = wise, clever) is someone with genius capabilities. But the extraordinary thing is, this only occurs in people who’s brain is malfunctioning. Autism, for instance, seems to throw out a rich crop of brain damaged savants.

It’s an idea I will take further with you, in the unfolding of my Kreissenetics™.

That’s not to promise we can all become savants. But I do promise you we could all try harder!

Meantime, take a look at these two YouTube videos, which feature amazing savants. They are inspiring! Continue reading