Mind As A Radio Set

We can best think of mind and brain with the model of a radio set and broadcasting station.

The brain is the equivalent of a radio set; we need it to listen to the broadcasts. The broadcasts are the true equivalent of the mind. But that doesn’t mean the brain is the origin of these transmissions.

Of course mechanistic scientists argue that there is ONLY the radio set and offer as proof the fact that they can block or alter the broadcasts by tweaking the radio set. Of course they are just tuning in to a different broadcast!

I go into this in more detail elsewhere but I just wanted to remind you of the radio set metaphor, to say this:

What do mind altering drugs do?

It could be argued that chemicals change brain functions and therefore transcendent states due to mescaline, cannabis and so forth are really physical in nature. It’s all brain, in other words.

But actually, that argument is not logical.

To continue the radio set metaphor, psychedelic drugs may simply re-tune the set—much as fiddling with a knob would do—and tune it to rather exotic stations, with strange messages!

The truth is that the broadcasts, of whatever nature, do not come from or reside in the radio set.

It’s the same with the mind: it’s not “in” the brain any more than the radio station is “in” the radio set!

So when you read that stimulating the brain with micro-electrodes provokes ancient memories (Karl Pibram), or that right and left brain behave differently in different thought states (Roger Sperry), you are not facing inconvenient science!

You do not need to change your understanding that our minds and spirit are non-material in nature. The idea that the mind evolved through physical evolution is silly logic; the mind has caused physical evolution!

Just thinking out loud!


Ladies and gentlemen, discarnate as well as incarnate beings who may be listening and watching, Ascended Masters, you angels and you mystics extreme! Hear me!

In this teleclass series we are gathered here today to investigate an amazing, almost unbelievable, phenomenon – the fact that we are here!

The very fact that we have consciousness, we are here and—even more amazingly—we KNOW we are here, is the greatest of all miracles of existence.

We are here but we do not know WHAT IT MEANS TO BE. We do not understand the phenomenon of TO BE. Yet we all have it.

This is like a knife which cannot cut itself. Being cannot, at this time, quite see itself. It can be. We can see ourselves being ourselves. But it remains the most amazing, appalling, mystery in all human knowledge.

We can build cars, televisions, computers, smart phones, rocket ships… but we cannot make ourselves. Continue reading

How Is The Being And Consciousness Teleclass Series Going You Ask?

Well, apart from some housekeeping and technical hitches, very well indeed.

This series touches on powerful spiritual materials and is a long way from the wafflings of self-styled “light workers” and such*. This is cutting edge data and I mean with a hard edge. No fluff.

With my experts I am in pursuit of real understanding of what consciousness is and what is the essence of Being. OK, in the past we have had mostly speculation and opinion; or religious dogma, which does not stand up to rational scrutiny. But times are changing. We are getting a better grasp on things in today’s scientific world.

The first teleclass was last Wednesday, when we had professor Gary Schwartz talking about the science of survival after death. It was wonderfully inspiring. We truly do survive: in fact, as attendees on the call heard, the laws of physics don’t just say we could survive, they say we must survive, as a field of energy and information.

Gary had some good case histories but more to the point he put our feet on the right path regarding scientific enquiry. We talked about fitting the double-blind model into the spirit level of enquiry.

This series, you see, is not a woo-woo fest. It’s real experts, mostly academics, who have important contributions to make to science and human progress. Continue reading

A Journey Into The Wonders Of Consciousness

I just wanted to share with you all my thoughts and hopes for the upcoming teleseminar series “The Science of SuperBeing and Consciousness.”

For many years now I’ve been watching wannabe gurus and hucksters offering their brand of “consciousness science”, which mainly seems to be about manifesting what you want and getting rich. That fraudulent movie, “The Secret” has a lot to answer for. It’s not just (mainly) untruth it portrays but is very misleading and sends people off in the wrong direction.

It’s very frustrating to me, who started my journey in the pursuit of love, truth, beauty and The Eternal, beginning with Buddhist studies in the 1960s, winning an international poetry competition and going via fascinating regions of mind and spirit, such as shamanic journeying, past lives and alchemy.

So I have put together my own reality program. I want to do this right.

And I have invited a few friends, who are very knowledgeable, and some world-class experts in the REAL science of consciousness, to come and join me in what I hope will be a serious look at consciousness science and what it means to us. Continue reading