Ladies and gentlemen, discarnate as well as incarnate beings who may be listening and watching, Ascended Masters, you angels and you mystics extreme! Hear me!

In this teleclass series we are gathered here today to investigate an amazing, almost unbelievable, phenomenon – the fact that we are here!

The very fact that we have consciousness, we are here and—even more amazingly—we KNOW we are here, is the greatest of all miracles of existence.

We are here but we do not know WHAT IT MEANS TO BE. We do not understand the phenomenon of TO BE. Yet we all have it.

This is like a knife which cannot cut itself. Being cannot, at this time, quite see itself. It can be. We can see ourselves being ourselves. But it remains the most amazing, appalling, mystery in all human knowledge.

We can build cars, televisions, computers, smart phones, rocket ships… but we cannot make ourselves.

So it is with something like a sense of futility or a sense of folly even, that we are gathered together today to look deeper into this phenomenon of BEING.

The fact we don’t understand it, doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate it. We can rejoice in our being. We can look, debate, gasp in wonder and attempt to push the boundaries of knowledge further out.

But in no sense can we pretend there are more answers then questions. It is totally the other way round – it’s almost all questions!

But there are those who see further into the haze and murk than most of us. People with insights beyond the average. And I have invited a number of these people to come and talk to us, to celebrate our being, to enjoy debate and share in the mystery and wonder of that very thing we call consciousness or Being.

Join us in the free teleclass series The Science Of Being and Consciousness with Rupert Sheldrake, Bill Tiller, Gary Schwartz, Lynne McTaggart and others.

3 thoughts on “Proclamation

  1. During your broadcast with Dr.Gary Schwartz I sent in some questions which were never answered. What happens to those questions listeners type in?

    • Elaine,
      I don’t know what your questions were, but I can virtually guarantee that you can find the answers to them by going to the Rudolf Steiner Archive ( and perusing what you find there.
      Yours in spiritual friendship,

  2. Would like to take part in the tele seminar especially knowing of some of the participants, but its too difficult timewise and expensive to be on the phone so far away, Each day starts with out time!

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