A Journey Into The Wonders Of Consciousness

I just wanted to share with you all my thoughts and hopes for the upcoming teleseminar series “The Science of SuperBeing and Consciousness.”

For many years now I’ve been watching wannabe gurus and hucksters offering their brand of “consciousness science”, which mainly seems to be about manifesting what you want and getting rich. That fraudulent movie, “The Secret” has a lot to answer for. It’s not just (mainly) untruth it portrays but is very misleading and sends people off in the wrong direction.

It’s very frustrating to me, who started my journey in the pursuit of love, truth, beauty and The Eternal, beginning with Buddhist studies in the 1960s, winning an international poetry competition and going via fascinating regions of mind and spirit, such as shamanic journeying, past lives and alchemy.

So I have put together my own reality program. I want to do this right.

And I have invited a few friends, who are very knowledgeable, and some world-class experts in the REAL science of consciousness, to come and join me in what I hope will be a serious look at consciousness science and what it means to us.

There will be no pitching of products. Most of them are academics anyway and don’t sell “life changing” courses; just their latest book, which you can easily find on Amazon.

Professor Gary Schwartz will be starting us off on Wednesday, 16th May, at 12.00 Pacific Summer Time. I just came off the phone with him and we’re on a promise of something good! He’s a dear old thing, very gentle and perspicacious, and as well as asking him about his own cutting edge research into survival after death, I shall be asking him to guide us, throughout the series, on the principles of true science, integrity and methodology.

I’m going to push all my guests hard up against the wire and make them answer up about what lies beyond our immediate knowledge. In the workshops I shall be following through with greater in-depth classes and discussions and also sharing some of my own not-inconsiderable research in this area.

As I said, I started out with Buddhist studies as a teen, even before I went to medical school! Well, don’t think I’ve been idle in the 50 years since!! I’ve covered a lot of territory—probably more than any of my esteemed guests, if the truth is told. You could say I have visited the far outer edge of consciousness, as readers of my book To Fly Without Wings will attest.

Make sure you join us on this journey into the wonders of consciousness; really, a journey into YOU.

Starts Wednesday, details here. Be with us!


A “ringside seat” is free. But if you want to join us for the recordings, transcripts etc. go review your choices here:




12 thoughts on “A Journey Into The Wonders Of Consciousness

  1. hey there, I have been reading your articles for a couple of years now and truly enjoy the informative you present. You have a good insight into the world of health both mental and physical; which are intertwined. I am 60 and still surfing, paragliding, kiteboarding, scuba diving, and paddleboarding. {I live in Hawaii}
    I didn’t know that you were a Buddhist. there is a lot of wisdom in those teachings as i studied them when i was younger also.
    the thing that kept me searching though, was that no one or any teaching offered a surefire guarantee of attaining life after death.
    After exhausting every alternative i came across the teachings of Jesus and what he said about eternal life. It was so simple that a child could get it.
    I know that you are a smart and inquisitive seeker and I just wanted to ask you to check this out. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT.
    As a professor and one who calls bullshit on hucksters and wannabees, you want to be 100% positive that you are on the right track. It will change your life and the truth will set you free!!
    Thanks for your time and keep up the good work. Aloha, Jim Elder

  2. The etymology of the word consciousness derives from latin, means “with science”. What I am interested in is what is outside the scope of consciousness and how limited it is in order to understand the larger reality we all sam to miss.

  3. Sounds great – wish I could be there – will be working. I think that when a lot of people who are cynics are able to access information like this, that is more on a practical level, a lot more of these people will open their minds to possibilities outside of living strictly in the physical world. I do plan to pick up some books in the near future, written by the people you will be speaking with. Sounds very enlightening! Thanks for giving us this opportunity

    Brenda Adams


  5. Thank you for offering this teleseminar. I agree with Jim Elder that Jesus has lots of teachings and great wisdom that he tried to give us. It has been greatly distorted however. I have learned a lot in the past couple of years that puts mainstream religion into a very bad light regarding this. Have you ever read “Discover the Power Within You”, by Eric Butterworth? Or books by Charles Filmore?
    They turn mainstream religion on it’s ear. Their concepts give people much good advice on how to live, love and understand life’s journey and the thereafter.

    • I know the Charles Filmore stuff.
      I don’t share the enthusiasm on Jesus, I’m afraid (even if he did exist, which seems historically untenable, on the evidence = ie. there isn’t any)

  6. Man! this has my name on it and not just b/c I typed it in either. I know tif you get the inside right the external world will line up. thanks for this!

    btw I’m still waiting for the electronic version of “To Fly without Wings”. hat

  7. Hi Dr, Looking forward to read/listen a copy of these talks. Have read and re-read parts of your book “To Fly Without Wings” and really find it great. It makes me think of some of the visions/messages I’ve had over the years and it appears to me that it is an explanation for all of them. I’m approaching the mid eighties now and still keeping well thank to alternative medical information including yours (Diet Wise is one of several of yours or of your recommendations).

    Keep up your excellent work.

    Wishing you and Viv all the best.


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