The Human Mind Has Infinite Capacity

It’s been my teaching these 40 years that we know EVERYTHING. To function in this universe, we must simply choose to not-know (a verb) most of it.

But it’s all in there. We just don’t use it. No, I’m not talking about not using 90% of our “brain”. This has nothing to do with the brain.

I’m talking about the knowing of spirit, which is to know EVERYTHING in the hologram. We are using only a trillion billionth of what we potentially know.

Is this claim outrageous? Well, it doesn’t fit the silly prattlings of the brain-is-mind crowd. But it’s true, to all intents and purposes. As a clue to what’s possible, consider the phenomenon of savantism.

A savant (from the French savoir, to know = wise, clever) is someone with genius capabilities. But the extraordinary thing is, this only occurs in people who’s brain is malfunctioning. Autism, for instance, seems to throw out a rich crop of brain damaged savants.

It’s an idea I will take further with you, in the unfolding of my Kreissenetics™.

That’s not to promise we can all become savants. But I do promise you we could all try harder!

Meantime, take a look at these two YouTube videos, which feature amazing savants. They are inspiring!

Stephen Wiltshire is known as the “human camera”; he only has to look at a scene and he can draw it from memory is excruciating detail. It’s mind boggling (I mean, literally).

But my favorite is Derek Paravicini, who is a musical genius beyond imagining. He’s been called the Human i-Pod!

He can play any tune by ear instantly, thousands of tunes from memory, in any style you want, he can transpose key, play two pianos at once, hear a dozen or more notes at once and be able to separate them, and a host of other skills.

Yet Derek was brain damaged at birth. Born three and a half months prematurely, Derek miraculously 
survived, but his twin sister did not. Technically, he died three times in 
the hospital and his eyesight was destroyed by an oxygen overdose. He is autistic and can barely even count to 10.

If the mind was in the brain, as some claim, this wouldn’t be possible. It’s proof (to me) that mind is spirit and knowing.

Derek was featured on an episode of Channel 5’s Extraordinary People in an episode titled “The Musical Genius”, which showed his journey to Las Vegas to play in a charity concert with another savant, Rex Lewis-Clack.

Derek was interviewed twice by Lesley Stahl for 60 Minutes. In 2009 he was one of the subjects of the NOVA series’ episode, “Musical Minds”, featuring neurologist Oliver Sacks, on PBS. Derek was featured a second time by 60 Minutes on 14 March 2010.

In spite of his difficulties, Derek has a great sense of humor: in 2009 he performed for the former Chancellor of the Exchequer (UK treasury boss), when he unexpectedly played the tune “Big Spender”!

Don’t forget to watch subsequent parts of both these stories.

5 thoughts on “The Human Mind Has Infinite Capacity

  1. I would think this phenomenon has a lot to say about the mind-body issue. How would a materialist, who presupposes that the mind is strictly an “emergent” property of the physical brain, with its chemical reactions and electrical impulses, explain something like this? If the human brain evolved through strictly materialistic Darwinian evolution, this amazing capacity would seem to be out of place. What survival advantage would the development of such capacities have had in the supposed primate to human evolutionary pathway? While still a mystery, it makes much more sense within a dualistic paradigm, where the physical brain is simply the means by which the non-physical mind (soul/spirit) can manifest itself in the physical world. I believe that these amazing people are teaching us aspects of what it means to be “created in the image of God.”

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