Rubrics and Formulas

A rubric or formula is where real the magic lies. You’ll see lots of these as important properties of Supernoetics™. By a rubric is meant a series of action steps. These usually need to be taken in sequence. Moreover, the whole won’t work if a part is missing.

The essence of a rubric is getting a result. In that sense, a rubric could be likened to a recipe: ingredients to put in, actions necessary and an outcome that is clearly defined.

For an example of this, let me quote my Recovery Rubric, a series of steps you take when life seems overwhelming and you can’t seem to get through your projects, because there is so much to do. Continue reading

Join Me In A Time Capsule Experiment!

Somebody suggested this series was good enough to go into a time capsule and be left for future generations to “re-discover”. Watch this video and see what you think!

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The Dawkins Delusion

Some good friends bought me a copy of Richard Dawkins’ book “The God Delusion”. I finally got through all the other books in my pile and got around to reading it.

Let me remind readers and point out to new subscribers, I am not a Christian, on doctrinal grounds. But there is a God force I love and respect. It has nothing to do with formal religions or the nasty intemperate bully with obvious anger issues that is portrayed in The Bible. I’ll share my version of God with you, some day. Suffice it to just say: it’s healthy!

Richard Dawkins, it seems, has proof there is no such thing as God. Anyone who disagrees is an intellectual dud, a kind of non-functioning toad who was gulled as a child. He believes that children do not have a religion and therefore God does not really exist. We are only brought up to believe in God. It seems to me that he’s ignoring a lot of adult sentiments! Lots of people were brought up Republican and realized Democrats were better; and vice versa. People can undo childhood indoctrination, Mr Dawkins (such a relief not to have to say professor any more).

Typical of the materialism-is-all-there-is science crowd, there is no “scientific” proof of God’s existence, he says. In fact, Dawkins goes further and says there is proof there is no God.

Woa! That’s a big jump. Any thinker knows you can’t prove a negative; you can only fail to prove the positive. What’s worse is the hubris of saying “Because we can’t find any evidence, there isn’t any”. This scientific sin is made worse by the fact that he and his like dismisses the existing evidence by saying that’s a delusion too. It’s easy to win a game when you can constantly re-invent the rules that way.

The joke is that nobody supposes that God is material; therefore looking for evidence in the material sense is never going to yield answers. It’s like saying there is no music coming from a radio: there are only bits of wire and capacitors etc in the radio, so there can be no such thing as music coming from it! The radio is only physical but more than just “stuff” comes from it. The physical universe is just “stuff” but there is more coming through it than that.

Anyway, I just thought I’d share that. For those of you who don’t know the aggressive, arrogant style of Dawkins, watch this video of him trying to make a fool of Deepak Chopra. I think it’s clear who wins and Dawkins goes off the deep end when Chopra says that quantum reality is “just a metaphor”!


The Age Of Anxiety

The labeling of this age has run the gamut from the ‘Space Age’ to the ‘Age of Aquarius’ to the age of ‘Sexual Revolution’. However, the one epithet that probably fits more accurately than all the rest is the ‘Age of Anxiety’.

Anxiety is the one negative force that cuts through all levels of society affecting the rich and poor, young and old alike. Anxieties and tensions are insidious forces which exist below the surface of your awareness, smoldering and building up, until you reach a ‘breaking point’ and explode in a fit of anger or a violent argument, or some other unreasoned behavior.

It also manifests in over-indulgence in food, alcohol, cigarettes, sex or work, in headaches, fatigue, impotence, clumsiness, sleepless nights, or any number of physical ailments.

Conscious worry and fear also enter the picture to compound the feeling of frustration already being experienced because you are not able to identify the source of the unconscious anxiety and thus eliminate it.

Consequently, if you are like most people, you will gulp down a handful of pills to alleviate that dull aching feeling, or your ‘escape’ will be in the form of the after-work booze-up. Or you’ll change your job, or get a divorce, or move to another town, or some psychologist will tell you to ‘adjust’ to your problems.

Or you will grin and bear it because your religious leader piously proclaims that sorrow is this life’s just reward, and so on.  Continue reading

Love Yourself

You want to change bad habits, right? They say it takes 21 days to create a new habit or break an old one (it was Maxwell Maltz MD, actually, in his book Psychocybernetics).

I drafted a tiny little tool you could use, a habit changer chart, to help you in changing any habit towards something better. Just download it, print it out and fill it in!

You tick off a box each day you succeed (and a cross if you failed, but let’s not go there, eh?) Just name your vice in the top panel, stick it to the fridge door, and off you go!

download the habit changer chart here

(right click and choose “save as…” etc.