Join Me In A Time Capsule Experiment!

Somebody suggested this series was good enough to go into a time capsule and be left for future generations to “re-discover”. Watch this video and see what you think!

In order to enroll and get your copies of ALL the teleclasses, PLUS the follow up sessions, PLUS the transcripts, PLUS the bonus eBooks, PLUS the bonus audios, PLUS my magical “Gratitude Process”, you need to go here and take action… Frontiers Of The Possible Welcome Page

6 thoughts on “Join Me In A Time Capsule Experiment!

  1. A wonderful video! Thank you very much…the only sad thing is that it stopped and does not seem to load up on the rest? or is there no more? I could listen for hours to your very clear and understandable explanations given in such a warm and calming voice. Again thank you…. and for organizing the great series. I love the intervieuws!

    • Glad you got it on YouTube Michael,
      However, I think it’s your system and you are probably having spooling or bandwidth problems.

  2. Doc, I always learn from you and thank you so much for sharing…by the way I just found out “Nicolai Levashov” has passed away

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