The Dawkins Delusion

Some good friends bought me a copy of Richard Dawkins’ book “The God Delusion”. I finally got through all the other books in my pile and got around to reading it.

Let me remind readers and point out to new subscribers, I am not a Christian, on doctrinal grounds. But there is a God force I love and respect. It has nothing to do with formal religions or the nasty intemperate bully with obvious anger issues that is portrayed in The Bible. I’ll share my version of God with you, some day. Suffice it to just say: it’s healthy!

Richard Dawkins, it seems, has proof there is no such thing as God. Anyone who disagrees is an intellectual dud, a kind of non-functioning toad who was gulled as a child. He believes that children do not have a religion and therefore God does not really exist. We are only brought up to believe in God. It seems to me that he’s ignoring a lot of adult sentiments! Lots of people were brought up Republican and realized Democrats were better; and vice versa. People can undo childhood indoctrination, Mr Dawkins (such a relief not to have to say professor any more).

Typical of the materialism-is-all-there-is science crowd, there is no “scientific” proof of God’s existence, he says. In fact, Dawkins goes further and says there is proof there is no God.

Woa! That’s a big jump. Any thinker knows you can’t prove a negative; you can only fail to prove the positive. What’s worse is the hubris of saying “Because we can’t find any evidence, there isn’t any”. This scientific sin is made worse by the fact that he and his like dismisses the existing evidence by saying that’s a delusion too. It’s easy to win a game when you can constantly re-invent the rules that way.

The joke is that nobody supposes that God is material; therefore looking for evidence in the material sense is never going to yield answers. It’s like saying there is no music coming from a radio: there are only bits of wire and capacitors etc in the radio, so there can be no such thing as music coming from it! The radio is only physical but more than just “stuff” comes from it. The physical universe is just “stuff” but there is more coming through it than that.

Anyway, I just thought I’d share that. For those of you who don’t know the aggressive, arrogant style of Dawkins, watch this video of him trying to make a fool of Deepak Chopra. I think it’s clear who wins and Dawkins goes off the deep end when Chopra says that quantum reality is “just a metaphor”!


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  1. It will be interesting to hear what Mr. Dawkin’s last words will be when he is on his deathbed. Unfortunately I won’t be around to find out.

    • I’m sure that a man as involved with the truth as Dr Dawkins will not be calling out for salvation from the works of a kindly but misdirected and delusional Jewish carpenter.

    • There is a kind thought, expressed by someone who will no doubt describe himself as spiritual and pious. Did your Savior advocate such nastiness as to wish for Dawkins early death? I think not.

  2. Although we’re on the same page regarding Dawkins in this God debate you come across as quite naive Prof Keith.

    The music analogy was the worst bit of this article. You can measure sound waves…..

    If you want a proper refutation of Dawkins and his silly arguments google William Lane Craig. Although be prepared to have your worldview challenged – the evidence for a traditional creator of the world is much stronger than you may think.

      • I didn’t say or imply that you were in ‘need of proof’ for God and I think you know that Prof Keith.

        You often proclaim that you are only interested in the search for Truth. You’re not afraid that this will challenge your worldview, are you? :p

        • Why do you think that “(strong) evidence for a traditional creator of the world” would in any way challenge Dr. Keith’s world view?

        • When I need a new world view Steve, I’ll happily choose one. In the meantime, I have no space in my heart and mind for arguments that I MUST change.
          Read my book TO FLY WITHOUT WINGS if you want to know how far I have pushed the envelope with my world view.
          It’s a bigger one than yours, I’ll guess (however, write me if I’m wrong about that)

    • What do you mean when you say “the music analogy was the worst bit of this article”? I felt he made a good point.

      Sound waves are not music. Music is an expression of the human experience that is produced by humans and then received by humans through various means, whether live or recorded, during festivals or quietly at home. The effect of music on the listeners varies considerably depending the culture of the times of the people that hear it, ranging from absolute tedium to very intense emotional reactions. This closely parallels how people react to religious or spiritual materials. What makes you say that analogy is “the worst”.

      I won’t dive into the central debate here. It is silly to debate terms with moveable context sensitive meanings, just becomes a format for expressing angst over our deeply held beliefs. I don’t know why Prof Keith even opened the subject up in this forum, seems well outside the scope of this forum and creates pointless conflict. Well…, I suppose he loves debate. Whatever.

      • A “super-healer” (my term) would have the widest interest in health and life, including spiritual matters. A doctor should doctor at all levels, Dave 🙂
        One thing wrong with the (supposed) science crowd is they allow no place for the spiritual in our lives.
        Atheists can live whatever life they choose – but why should they violently (and with bad arguments) assault our belief there is something more than just a physical universe?

  3. Dawkins hurls invective at religious zealots because:
    They are ignorant of the laws of nature and prefer mythology to fact.
    They are anti science and anti intellectual
    They want to supplant fact with myth rather than inquire into the truth as revealed by empiricism and scientific method.
    They continually try to wrest political power from more reasonable people and they continue to try to push faith-based nonsense into school curricula.
    Families who barely get by on their earnings are not able to sustain the 10% taxation of compulsory tithing and other money-sucking behavior from organized Christianity (and others).
    He feels fundamentalist extremism is potentially dangerous whatever church foments it.
    So do I – all the above.

    • Herb, you are mixing up religion and God.
      God is only a myth if that “force” is not there.
      I think religions such (I exclude Buddhism because it’s more of an advanced psychology than a religion)
      Anyway, who are YOU to tell people that they can’t enjoy myths?

      • I read and enjoy myths but I don’t let Unicorns, burning bushes miraculous wine, and parted seas dictate how I live my life, preferring to adhere to the ideas expressed by Dawkins and Harris and Dennett. What is moral is that which increases the well-being of living creatures, not the decalogue.

    • “Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind.”
      Albert Einstein, “Science, Philosophy and Religion: a Symposium”, 1941

        • I am aware of that, but I am not familiar with his arguments. The reason I posted the quote was to underscore that there is no conflict between science and religion. At least, Einstein didn’t think so.

          • Science can answer “how” but can never answer “why.” This is why there is no conflict between science and religion. Whatever science says about the way the world works, you can always respond (if you choose), “yes, that’s how God made it.” There is no way to prove or disprove God.

  4. There is God. He has been talking to me off and on first time when I was 3rd grade. The bible leads you to the knowledge of Him. Jesus is the saviour to save us from death. You must be born again, or there is death …

    • Hello Sussie. Glad to meet you. I have found that Jesus is the new name of the current
      Stars and Planets set-up in our skies, as the latest God stories for future generations to come. Jesus is the mythos result of Astro-Logical thinking from studying the Stars and Planets and making up myths from what they see and study, and Philosophical thinking from going within, and experiencing the answers to questions that they offer and receive within. Consciousness is the only True Reality, and we are that Consciousness, Individualized into individual, responsible agents of the One and Only Reality called Consciousness. Our jobs as individuals is to responsibly live Life. This is so that the Original One Consciousness can have Experiences through Mankind’s Living Illusionary Lives as the our own reality of being Responsible Individuals. This is Man’s Eternal job, because this is done through Eternal Reincarnation. Nothing needs to be ‘saved’, but the better you Live Life, the better your next Life will begin for you. Love, Armand

  5. Some people are more intelligent than others, some people are stronger than others. The strongest man ever could lift 280kg. If one would have put there 10.000kg he wouldn’t even have been able to lift it 0, 000000mm. It’s the same wiht intelligence. In fact we are not made to understand what’s the sence of live and who has created this life and there is a God or no God. I am convinced that there is something but I can’t explain it, neither can I explain the sence of live. No one can. But as in some other answer it all depends what one thinks of a God.

    • I will answer with short answers for now.
      Yes, we are All Different from anyThing or anyOne else.

      Because Life is Eternal through Reincarnation as is the Cosmos, there is plenty of Time in Our Worlds of Livingness.

      Life takes Time and Space. We Live in the Time and Space, and ITs Laws of Nature.

      The sense of Life is the Purpose of Life. The Purpose of Life is to Live IT, Experience all the Differences and Learn to Respect All Differences. This Creates Experiences in Our Local Minds (our Minds are holders of information), which Emanate from Our Brains by heat waves into the Original Consciousness that is Our Source of Life, so that the Original Consciousness can Experience Life ITSelf.

      There never was a ‘Creation’. Everything Always IS. Evolution in Our Time and Space is the Flow of Information as IT occurs.

      Life is the Living of Life and Enjoying Our Lives; Life is the Result of Our Own Responsible Choices as they occur.

      If we were to Understand All There IS, there would be no Reason for Life.

      There is no god.
      This is the makings of Our Imaginations and Wishes.

      The Something that you are convinced of is YOU, and You will find that You are Consciousness; the same Consciousness that is Your True Self. Enlightenment is the Result of Your Search. Your Search must be of Pure Intent Within You.
      Thank you for your input.
      Have a great Life. You deserve IT. Enjoy IT. Love, Armand

  6. Discussing God is useless; there is absolutely no way to ascertain that you and your discussion partners are talking about the same entity.God is not defined, not describable so the word itself is essentially meaningless.
    Dawkins does not object to you entertaining the idea of a personal God that you talk to for comfort provided you don’t hit anybody over the head with it. He assails the mindless dogma and manipulation of organized religions.And he does this for the purpose of world peace.Good for him.

    • You had better READ Dawkins Jan.
      He derides the whole idea of a “personal God” and does NOT grant one the freedom to have one. In fact he devotes a whiole chapter to mocking a personal God.

    • I agree with the idea that a god can be personal if you make that god your belief for you. Also, our Source (Consciousness) is found by going Within as the words of Inward Philosophers say in the New Testament as the Astro-Logical Words of Jesus. By going Within, we find the ‘face’ of Consciousness as we face Ourselves, and find that the Source of Us is Us, After we separate (Become Naked/Reality) from our bodies through the relaxing of the body in Meditation. Love, Armand

  7. I have found that there is no God, by going within to find IT. There are imaginary gods, fictitious gods, cartoon gods, Astro-Logic gods like in the New Testament and Old Testament, Koran, etc. There is only Consciousness, and I am using some of it. I feel that Consciousness is all there is, and all the rest is imagination, created by humans. Love, Armand L. Archambeault.

      • Can you prove that I can not find that there is no God? The only way that one can know that there IS a God is to Believe the idea is true for all of us, and how can a Belief make it so? Thank you for your previous response. Love, Armand

  8. While all I have seen of the video interview is what is posted here, it does not strike me that Dr. Dawkins manner comes off as being particularly arrogant. That said, it’s a tad amazing that an intellect like his fails to comprehend that the existence of creation itself, presupposes the existence of a creator. In the words of the old song “you can’t have one without the other”. 🙂

    It’s been my observation over the years that such area-blindness may be universally seen in all those who favour or nurse a particular prejudice. Common sense rarely penetrates the built-in defenses of bias once chosen.

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