Rubrics and Formulas

A rubric or formula is where real the magic lies. You’ll see lots of these as important properties of Supernoetics™. By a rubric is meant a series of action steps. These usually need to be taken in sequence. Moreover, the whole won’t work if a part is missing.

The essence of a rubric is getting a result. In that sense, a rubric could be likened to a recipe: ingredients to put in, actions necessary and an outcome that is clearly defined.

For an example of this, let me quote my Recovery Rubric, a series of steps you take when life seems overwhelming and you can’t seem to get through your projects, because there is so much to do.

Other types of Structures include things like Honesty As The Surprise Tool. This piece brings value to integrated, wide-vision thinking. We can call it panoramic thinking! But it is neither sequence, hierarchy nor action formula. Instead it is a way of manifesting new levels of thinking that will serve you better than dissembling, lies and deceit.

In a sense any new learning adds to your structures of thought. But you need to be on your guard, to ensure you get only good learning: things that are correct, methods that work, systems that fit reality. There are far too many people out there trying to scam you from your money with false teachings, dishonest research, plagiarism and nonsense disguised as science.

Look at James Ray, who made a career out of peddling the “quantum thought” idea. Anyone with a scientific training could recognize his ideas as fake. He probably has no idea what a real quantum jump actually is. But Ray seduced enough followers with his smooth talk, till he ended up killing attendees at one of his sessions ($10,000 for a sweat log experience? Aw, c’mon. Folks shouldn’t have paid him money like that!)

One of the best ways to guard against erroneous teachings is to test data, quite simply, against your own experience and gut feeling. If you get that feeling “this is something new and exciting”, beware! Better is the feeling “I kind of knew that somehow, at some level, already”.

That’s not to devalue new learning. It’s a way of saying all knowledge, ultimately, comes from the existing structures of reality, not from the Planet Zod or some other universe than ours!

Add to that my core teaching that, as spirit, we are destined to know everything there is to know. But we choose to selectively un-know certain things, in order to be able to function without a total overwhelm.

So, this an introduction to my “Structures Of Thought”.

The series came about for various reasons—not least because it is needed. There is a glaring hole in the human potential movement, leaving it wide open to woolly thinking, flummery, fantasy and nonsense.

These structures are by nature universal. Anyone can learn and use them. All kids should be educated within these Thought Structures. Your life will change totally by changing the way you structure your thoughts.

Fortunately, these structures are simple, effective and easy to apply.

Enjoy studying them and use them well. Knowledge without engagement is worthless!

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