Powerful Recovery Rubric

This is something simple you can do, to get started on improving your life right now.

You can repeat this system at any time. It is especially valuable for those occasions you feel overwhelmed by circumstances or can’t cope.

But it is not confined to use in a drastic crisis. It would help a very efficient and successful person up a notch or two as well. Such simple step-wise programs we call in Supernoetics™ a “rubric” (a formula).

Step 1. Make a List

Start by making a list of undone things that are holding you back in life, from the smallest to the most intimidating. Empty your head as the thoughts come. Don’t try to put them in any sequence or hierarchical order.

Step 2. Make a Choice

Look over the list and pick something simple you can handle right now.

It doesn’t matter where on the list this action lies. It is confrontability that counts. You know you could do it.

Step 3. Action!

Do that first.

Step 4. Rinse and Repeat!

Choose the next confrontable item from the list and do that. Then the next etc. Each task will have its own time span. So this is not against the clock or calendar. Just fully deal with one, then another, then another. Notice how you feel better and better as you clear away those tasks!

Your ability to deal with problems and barriers will also steadily rise. On a gradient, you will find yourself able to handle tougher and tougher areas of confront. Tasks that you couldn’t imagine being solvable at first will come to seem easy.

Don’t be surprised if a whole heap of real or imaginary problems suddenly melts away. You will become powerful, to the degree you start taking action. That means it gets easier and easier!

You’ll become a winner! I think you deserve to be.

Note: the corny old-fashioned way of getting the most difficult problem out of the way first is stupid and… it doesn’t work!

2 thoughts on “Powerful Recovery Rubric

  1. I did this once when I was over tasked many times beyond my ability. When I couldn’t sleep one night. I went to my desk and started making a list of things that I thought I needed to do. More than 60 thinks fell from my mind to the paper in front of me. With my mind empty I went back to bed. In the morning I numbered each item. Than I put a letter in front of each to give it a priority. To my surprise only 7 needed to be done in the first week. I started sleeping much better. Looking at my list the next week, only three more needed immediate attention. And the third week only three more were things that I thought should be done in order to keep my business and family of 7 children running smoothly. The rest never got done and never needed to be done at all. They were all resolved when I looked after the first ones.

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