Dancing For Joy While Driving a Car

I suppose this blog ought to come with a severe health warning! Nevertheless, I share it with you from a position of love and exhilaration.

There have been (many) times in my life when my joy simply bubbled over; it effervesced, like sparkling wine overflowing the bottle when shaken.

Sometimes the thrill has overtaken me while driving the car.

I danced. Carefully, of course, with sufficient attention on the road and other traffic—but I danced at the wheel. Peripheral vision comes to the rescue; peripheral vision is how you drive home safely, without even noticing the stop lights or other vehicles. How you can’t even remember the turns you made because they are on automatic.

It can be enhanced by good “caffeine music”.

I rarely do it with a passenger but one Swedish girlfriend went home with a tale and, apparently, told all her friends. She wasn’t scared she told me, but everything about common sense and social training cried out for her against what should be a crazy thing to do.

Yet she saw the delight!

Never do it on busy roads, especially in the city. I am talking about lonely roads in the backwoods or mountains. Scotland was always great for inspiring scenery and wild, empty places.

And, of course, it’s modified dancing; it’s what you can do while driving a car at 70 mph plus. Flexing your legs, wriggling your butt and twisting the body from side to side. If you don’t believe me, try it in your car next time, before you start the engine, of course!

The music is part of this. I’m thinking of tunes like Din Din Wo (little child), by Senegalese singer Habib Koite; it’s a default track that comes with Windows Media Player… Yeah! here

Or the greatest dance rocker of all time, The Jean Genie by David Bowie. here  and my personal dance favorite: Land Down Under by Ozzie group Men At Work. here

By the way, you just can’t do this to Mozart or Bach. I’ve tried!

I tell you what: it sure beats boredom and travel fatigue. Trouble is, I don’t think you can do it to order: you have to want to do it, the rhythm and desire has to well up from inside in a totally irresistible way. I think that high level of spirit energy protects you. Otherwise you are just a crazy hothead in charge of a dangerous vehicle.

Share your dance tunes below… (comments)

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