Singing Plants of Damanhur Are Conscious

Nobody who is fully aware of the nature of consciousness can escape the fact that all of Creation is alive and singing.

Plants can be wired to musical synthesizers and heard actually altering the sounds and creating their own melodies consciously. Here is a video made by the commune of Damanhur. You may remember in Hazel Courteney’s talk, I questioned her about her visit to Damanhur and what she shared with us was very exciting.

Listen now to the “sound” of conscious awareness. It’s delightful to behold!

7 thoughts on “Singing Plants of Damanhur Are Conscious

  1. Well done Doc,
    I am familiar with the work of Cleve Backster and since reading his book have a completely changed view of plants. I’d like to relate a short story:
    My wife and I have lived in a small house which we built on a large of land, 2,750 sq. metres, about 20 years ago. The land was overgrown when we aquired it and on clearing it we discovered a mature Macadamia not tree, age unknown. It’s an attractive tree but did not appear interested in giving us any nuts. This situation went on for 13 or 14 years where if we were lucky we would pick just a handful of nuts each year. I eventually became exasperated with it and remarked to my wife one day while standing near the tree that if it didn’t produce a decent crop in the future I would replace it with a young Macadamia nut tree in the hope that it would be a little more generous to us. The following year it produced nearly a bushel of nuts and every year since then the harvest has increased. We harvested two bushels this year. I have no doubt the tree read my thoughts and has acted from self preservation since then. I do thank it for its bounty each year. Note: (we live in coastal Queensland, Australia in the very area where the Macadamia nut tree was originally discovered. It is known locally as the Bauple nut after the settlement close to where it was found).

  2. Hi Folks! Really nice presentation! Check out our work on plant & rock bio-communications at (10 years of it) We’ll put you up on our blog if that’s all right.

    Blessings, Duncan Laurie

  3. This is just great I have always believe that plants could communicate and that talking to them or playing music helps them to grow, be nice to them.

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