Indescribable Fluff Posing As Spiritual Prowess

There is some pretty lightweight coaching and teaching out there. It makes you wonder what planet some of these people are living on.

In my inbox today was a link to the following “profound” teaching (thing is, I know the teacher, she reads my writings and I know she’s a very nice person):

Whatever you want, apparently—whether it is money, time, health, love, friendship—these 5 steps will give you the tools to attract blessings in your life.

Step 1: Know what you want and DESIRE to receive it

Know that it is what God wants for you. Then have a desire to receive it.

Step 2: ASK for it to come into your life

Ask God. Ask Angels. Ask the Universe.

Step 3: BELIEVE you can have it and it will happen

Have faith in your desire being manifest.

Step 4: Let go and ALLOW

Allow spirit to work for you and follow through on any inspired action.

Step 5: Receive your desire in GRATITUDE

Express your thankfulness to God and the Divine.

So, nothing about eating right if you want to be healthy then—you just attract it? If you want money, just think hard, ask God. Ask the Angels. Ask the Universe. There’s absolutely no need for you to do any work. People will just throw money your way, even if you have nothing to give in return?

Friendship? No need to work on your patterns, communication skills and emotional set point. Someone will walk into your life and love you to pieces forever, no matter how obnoxiously you behave?

I don’t think so. Continue reading

The Politics Of Freedom

Jun 26, 2016 (Brexit plus 3)

Much as I deplore politics and its corruption, and would love to stay out of it, we have little choice today. Plato famously remarked the great penalty for declining to get involved in government is that you end up being ruled by idiots or inferiors (various translations and mis-translations of this, from Republic Book 1, 347-C).

I would prefer to re-write it as: the penalty you pay for refusing to get involved in politics is that you end up governed by criminal, power-hungry, abusive masterminds. That’s largely the shift that’s taking place on the world’s stage today.

As the bullying might of communist Russia and China is slowly evaporating, and US imperialist power is brought down by the weakened dollar, a far more sinister force for global evil is stalking us. Globalism. Disguised as being for the good of all, it means the imposition of a planetary control system in which ordinary people will be as weak and docile cattle, fodder for the power-hungry globalist elite.

The issue was front and foremost this very week, when Britain shocked the world by suddenly opting to bale out of enslavement to the European “one world” model and go it alone. It took everyone by surprise, because nobody really foresaw it.

Certainly not The International Monetary Fund. The IMF is close to controlling the whole planet (intentionally). It acts like a global loan shark, exerting enormous leverage over the economies of more than 60 countries. These countries have to follow the IMF’s policies to get loans, international assistance, and even debt relief. Thus, the IMF decides how much debtor countries can spend on education, health care, and environmental protection. The IMF is one of the most powerful institutions on Earth — yet few know how it works.

The IMF wants slaves. Notice how they forced Greece to stay in the EU, even though nobody wanted that, least of all Greece. Letting a country slip out of their grip is the last thing they want, as the jaws of the trap close about us.

Catch this great cartoon by Ben Garrison:


It remains to be seen whether Britain will be crushed for her impertinence or whether her rebellious stand will create such turmoil that the globalists will be set back a full quarter century.

For the rest of this disturbing topic, I defer to brilliant investigative journalist Jon Rappaport ( Continue reading

The Happy-When Hoax

It ain’t what you don’t know that gets you into trouble. It’s what you know for sure that just ain’t so. —Mark Twain

Back in 1994, the real beginnings of Supernoetics™, I came up with the concept of hoaxes; those “Everybody knows that’s true…” tidbits, which it turns out are not true at all. In fact the real truth is often 180-degrees in the other direction (So I invented my 180-degree rule at the same time!)

I’m going to walk you through one of the biggest killer hoaxes of all time. I call it the Happy-When Hoax. “I’ll be happy when… ,” I have achieved some cherished goal or other: getting rich, getting laid, becoming famous, discovering the comet that gets named after me, recover my health, whatever.

There is more than one problem with this position: Continue reading

Blue Light Enhances Brain Performance

A single 30 min. exposure to blue-wavelength light can increase subsequent activation in brain regions critical for successful working memory performance and improve response times, a new study suggests.

Previous studies have shown that exposure to blue light, which is similar to the type of light you get on a bright sunny day, leads to increases in alertness and better performance on reaction time tasks, while being exposed.

“Our study adds to this literature by showing that exposure to 30 minutes of blue light in comparison to 30 minutes of amber light led to subsequently better performance on a cognitive task 40 minutes after the blue-light exposure period had ended,” Dr Alkozei, PhD, postdoctoral fellow in the Department of Psychiatry, University of Arizona in Tucson, told MedScape News.

The findings were presented at SLEEP 2016: the 30th Anniversary Meeting of the Associated Professional Sleep Societies. Continue reading

Who Is Living The Perfect Life?

Nobody, I’m sure, is living a perfect life. I’m not. But I’m working all the time on improving my life a lot and I think that’s something we should all be doing. It’s NEVER too late to improve things!

I read a marvelous story of a guy who graduated Oxford University at the age of 91! Bertie Gladwin left school aged 14 with no interest in academia. He’d been put in the duffers class by teachers and promptly lost interest in schooling (what does that tell you about teachers, eh?)

Today he has a total of three degrees and is even considering doing a PhD (what does that tell you about Bertie Gladwin?) I would argue he actually had far more ability than any of his teachers!


If you didn’t know it already, here are some remarkable people who were abject school failures: Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Richard Branson, Sir Winston Churchill. None of them graduated college and yet each left a considerable mark on the world.

What that tells me is that a typical school education—teachers—actually destroy ability, instead of nurturing it.

But I’m really talking about living to the max, rather than worldly success. Most of us, if shown a path to critical acclaim or power, would choose something closer to our heart anyway. It’s simply that, with those individuals in particular, what they were really passionate about was computers, records (Virgin Records) and the British Empire. Continue reading