Indescribable Fluff Posing As Spiritual Prowess

There is some pretty lightweight coaching and teaching out there. It makes you wonder what planet some of these people are living on.

In my inbox today was a link to the following “profound” teaching (thing is, I know the teacher, she reads my writings and I know she’s a very nice person):

Whatever you want, apparently—whether it is money, time, health, love, friendship—these 5 steps will give you the tools to attract blessings in your life.

Step 1: Know what you want and DESIRE to receive it

Know that it is what God wants for you. Then have a desire to receive it.

Step 2: ASK for it to come into your life

Ask God. Ask Angels. Ask the Universe.

Step 3: BELIEVE you can have it and it will happen

Have faith in your desire being manifest.

Step 4: Let go and ALLOW

Allow spirit to work for you and follow through on any inspired action.

Step 5: Receive your desire in GRATITUDE

Express your thankfulness to God and the Divine.

So, nothing about eating right if you want to be healthy then—you just attract it? If you want money, just think hard, ask God. Ask the Angels. Ask the Universe. There’s absolutely no need for you to do any work. People will just throw money your way, even if you have nothing to give in return?

Friendship? No need to work on your patterns, communication skills and emotional set point. Someone will walk into your life and love you to pieces forever, no matter how obnoxiously you behave?

I don’t think so.

These are not tools. These are not even fresh beliefs. These are delusory antics that will not alter the mechanics of life in one small degree.

Nevertheless, this stuff is pumped out by the gallon on the Internet. People charge money for this (not this particular teaching, I might add, but it’s supposed to lure you into an abundance, positivity, and purpose masterclass.

What really astonished me though is the people pay money to be taught this stuff. They lap it up! It seems nobody wants to learn how to get ahead in life any more. Everyone wants the quick, easy answer, that requires no effort, no involvement, no change in habits.

I mean…

Hey, let me take a shot at this:

Scott-Mumby Step 1. Think of something you want.

Scott-Mumby Step 2. Insist it’s yours by right. Demand it.

Scott-Mumby Step 3. Go open your mailbox and bank the cheque (check).

Scott-Mumby Step 4. Be grateful!

I’d be damned grateful if this flim-flam would actually work. But the teachers take over the “proof” as well. I wanted the sun to shine today. I looked out of my window and… hey! I got what I wanted (it helps living in the Nevada desert).

There’s your “proof”!

It reminds me of the Scientologists, who delude themselves into thinking they move clouds around and create the weather. It reminds me of people who INSIST they manifested some money when they needed it—but are still broke, despite their revolutionary ability!

It reminds me of Joe Vitale claiming to “manifest” a new Mercedes on the drive, when all he had to do was go take a loan. I could have done that. Is that manifesting? Not in my world.

Thank God that, in Supernoetics™, we have method. We have protocols. Transformation methods and hacks galore. You really can change the way you think, feel and act. But you have to DO something; invest a little time in self-exploration and personal growth! I call it cognitive re-engineering. Piloting takes over from there and pulls away all the negative dross that glues you to the physical (material) existence.

You can be free. You can soar. But you have to learn to fly. Otherwise it’s like jumping out of a 32nd floor window without a parachute.


3 thoughts on “Indescribable Fluff Posing As Spiritual Prowess

  1. Then there is the twist that you did not get what you wanted because “like attracts like” – sounds familiar? , and you still harbor negative beliefs, so that cancelled out your positive efforts. A little more truth here, but what a guilt trip. Still no results but a bunch of positive robotic people walking around, being positive, but not doing anything and getting nothing.

  2. Dear Dr Keith,
    With all due respect, which you rightly deserve as a wise man, I suggest you keep your own council concerning humility and accuracy, before invalidating others.
    For example, you mock ‘the scientologists’ moving clouds … come on, they are joking about it, that’s not what they do. Shallow, straw man criticism. At the same time, you take L. Ron Hubbard’s “Emotional Tone Scale” (the short one) which he developed in 1951 and then further expanded it, without giving him any piece of credit. And surely you know he created many of protocols and teqniques to use with that scale which his followers practice with a lot of hard work. Not cloud moving. So, criticize, by all means, but fairly and rationally.

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