New Mind Modalities Revealed

In Supernoetics™ we are advanced beyond all competition. We have penetrated far deeper into the Kingdom Of The Mind than anyone else, including further than pretty hard-core research that’s out there!

While some are dividing the mind anatomically (right and left brain), we divide the mind functionally.

The Divided Brain

Following the work of UK psychiatrist Iain McGilchrist, we can now define right and left brain functions in different and more appropriate terms. The old right-brain-equals-emotions, left-brain-equals-rationality model is a non-starter, as I wrote many years ago. Both sides of the brain are involved in emotions; both sides of the brain are involved in linear function and rationality. We learned this from MRI scans. Real lateralized brain function is as follows:

Right Brain

  • sustained perception
  • very broad (the background or canvas)
  • an open system (variable)
  • a view of the bigger picture (context for the NOW)
  • Capable of deception and manipulation (strategy and games)

The left brain on the other hand is focused on:

  • small detail
  • narrow view (foreground)
  • a closed system (fixed)
  • limited to the short-range “NOW” (no context)
  • “Logical explanations” (which may not be correct)

This comes from MRI studies, which show that our forebrain (the grey stuff) is there basically to inhibit the immediate response of lower brain functions; to gain time; to view the larger perspective; to give time to think things through sensibly. This enables us to deceive others (Machiavelli) or to embrace them with empathy, which McGilchrist calls the Erasmus view (Desiderius Erasmus, the Dutch renaissance theologian and humanitarian).

Thus we can override what, in Supernoetics™, we call “creature” thinking.

Our Model

Just remember that “mind” and consciousness are not derivatives of brain function and you’ll ride through this OK.

Our view of mind function, as stated, is that consciousness is the medium (some call it the ground) or Brahman in the Hindu lore. It is not “the matrix”; the “matrix, whatever that is, is set in the medium. Reality exists within the medium and not the other way round. The material is within a non-material medium. It is psychopathological science to claim this is not the way things are. There is no proof that mind must be encased in a physical matrix.

Mind is a kind of servo-feedback mechanism. Its number one algorithm is published elsewhere in Supernoetics. In a nutshell, it operates as follows:

  1. The mind scans and evaluates the present; we call that perception.
  2. It compares that to past experience; we call that memory.
  3. It makes predictions about the future, based on past learning.
  4. Based on what is established, it decides upon expedient action (behavior) and seeks for preferred outcomes.

Education we can call a passive learning experience; experience we can call active learning.

Analytical and Reductionist Thinking

We can identify two important modes of mind within this algorithm: the reductionist and analytical.

Reductionist thinking is:

  • Reactive
  • Involuntary
  • identification mode
  • fractal in nature (changes through continuous re-iteration)
  • It is fixed in response

It typically comes from parts that are in override mode and in a real hurry to react to situations. They panic and “solve” reactions from the past. This has been called emergency or firefighting mode.

Reductionist thinking equates with identification thinking, X=Y=Z, which of course is not true. Analytical thinking, on the other hand, is what we would call emotionally wise (EQ) or rational. The answers it finds are the answers it is seeking. It plans out what its response will be.

The analytical function is:

  • preferential instead of reactive
  • voluntary
  • dissipative
  • fully rational in the larger time scale

Analytical thinking is really the activity of consciousness in operation. It is the real executive you in action. It utilizes the “clear mind space”, which of course is non-material, timeless and limitless (except by considerations limiting it).

Piloting opens up analytical thinking (the “clear mind space”). This is powerful transformational change.

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