Take Time To Think Of The Mighty Wonder That Is The Universe


I’m reading from a copy of the New Scientist (journal) promotional email:

Quantum physics has always been a source of mystery and delight. It defies common sense yet we have learned to manipulate these strange phenomena.

Hey, is this even the right question? I think we should be saying that “common sense” defies physics. “Common sense” says that the mind is in the brain; aspirin kills pain; cancer is a consequence of genes; old age is a “disease” of wearing out parts; good whole food cannot hurt you; gravity is a hidden force that controls the universe; and vaccinations help prevent disease.

None of these supposed common sense observations are necessarily true.

Quantum physics says something far more enriching and exciting than common sense. It says the “real” world is an illusion. It’s all built with smoke and mirrors, on a platform of mere probability. Things only appear solid and real; they are not. There is no matter (particles), only the probability of particles. Electrons, one of the fundamental building blocks of the universe; are particles—but not really—they are actually waves… or both… or neither. Just a smudge or a whisper, really.

Hang on to your hat. Common sense cannot take you on this wild roller coaster ride.

I am constantly amused by the words of celebrity physicist Michio Kaku, who says, “It is often stated that of all the theories proposed in this century, the silliest is quantum theory. Some say that the only thing that quantum theory has going for it, in fact, is that it is unquestionably correct.” Boom boom!

As Niels Bohr, one of the founding fathers of quantum physics, famously put it, “Anyone not shocked by quantum mechanics has not understood it.” The worldview emerging from quantum physics has completely overturned and utterly shattered the old, classical mechanistic ideas of how the universe works.

To quote US physicist Daniel Greenberger, “Einstein said that if quantum mechanics is right, then the world is crazy. Well, Einstein was right. The world is crazy.”

See, quantum physics has implications that classical physics does not. According to the old view, the cosmos is just a clanking mechanical beast and we are “ghosts in the machine” (said Oxford don Gilbert Ryle). But quantum physics takes us into a dimension that validates consciousness and makes us part of the model of reality. You can’t have an observer that is independent of nature, Neils Bohr taught us. We are part of reality. It needs us to even be there! (called the Copenhagen Interpretation, since Bohr was Danish).

The physical world is “mind stuff”, according to astrophysicist Sir Arthur Stanley Eddington, which is to say that, just as within a dream, the “stuff” of this world is inseparable from the mind of the dreamer, which is ourselves.

The early pioneers of quantum physics (De Broglie, Schroedinger, Pauli, Dirac and Heisenberg) were under no illusions but that they were awakening spiritual questions of immense magnitude, they were grappling with the deepest philosophical and metaphysical riddles that human beings can even conceive and which have brought into question the whole meaning of nature and existence.

By contrast, the majority of modern-day practitioners of quantum mechanics are no more spiritually inclined than the typical garage mechanic. Physics has been co-opted by corporate interests and they have a very un-spiritual agenda: profits, control, lies and utilitarianism.

Pure physics, in contrast, is solely interested in truth and nothing but the truth, no matter where the quest for truth leads. It is thus deeply grounded in natural philosophy and metaphysics. It calls up deep consideration of what it actually means to Be.

As Wolfgang Pauli once said, “It would be most satisfactory of all if physics and psyche could be seen as complementary aspects of the same reality.” [Jung and Pauli, The Interpretation of Nature and the Psyche, p. 210]

But in today’s physics, consciousness is a dirty word. They try to write out intentionality and self determinism. We have no right to exist, apparently. Spirit is not part of the plan. Vast, impersonal corporations want nothing of freedom and the soul. The fanatical assault on freedom and self-awareness has escalated until it is equivalent to the religious Inquisitions of old: reviling the free thinker, trashing his works, sneering at revolutionary ideas, while professing their own unquestioned perfection to the exclusion of all contrary views.

Scientism and Religious Zeal

Modern science has rightly been likened to a religion. Questioning an established theory is the same as heresy: evil beyond evil that must be slashed and burned.

In mainstream physics, the word “metaphysics” (literally: beyond the physical) is now akin to a swear-word, a synonym for “loose thinking,” a synonym for unscientific thought. In modern physics, as it is commonly practiced today, being “metaphysical” is used as a derogatory euphemism for condemning a theory which doesn’t fit into the common, agreed-upon consensus framework.

But by that standard, the phenomena of energy, electromagnetism and the splitting of light into a rainbow were once metaphysical, ie. “beyond physics”.

Dyed-in-the-wool objective materialists (sometimes called reductionist or mechanistic thinkers) are like “gatekeepers” who quarantine the radical philosophical implications of quantum theory from the rest of us. But to quote Einstein again, “Restricting the body of knowledge to a small group deadens the philosophical spirit of a people and leads to spiritual poverty.”

Rising above all the kerfuffle (nice word, that: Scots gaelic) there shines quantum physics: weird, multidimensional, taunting orthodoxy and inviting a higher view of what is real. Quantum physics has, indeed, been likened to a genuine spiritual path. The creator of the universe may not have been chance, a bang, or a roll of the dice but what Einstein himself called the “Old One” behind all phenomena.

My own latest Medicine Beyond takes this story as far forward as I could push, circa the first half of 2016. You need to read this book. It’s mind boggling (not meaning I’m brilliant but what I have assembled is a mind-boggling collection of truths and amazing observations)

The point is that consciousness is right in there, generating our world. Only fools now cannot see that in full.

Supernoetics™ is Born

To quote the great psychologist C. G. Jung, “the no-man’s land between Physics and the Psychology of the Unconscious [is] the most fascinating yet the darkest hunting grounds of our times.”

I have been there, fishing and hunting, and rounded up some interesting beasts!

First off, there is no un-consciousness! The mind is recording at all times, even when in sleep or a coma. Our existence is not confined to a brain or our sense organs, as anyone who has ever had an OBE (out of body experience) will confirm. If you can see the doctors operating on you, or you know accurately what was being said in the next street or village, it’s not magic. You were there. It’s simply a different model.

Non-material consciousness does not need any contact with the material. We seem to be peeping into our universe through our eyes but that’s only the way we think. Any other interpretation was stamped out of us when we were kids and made to “grow up” (or grow down, as I think of it!)

But the non-material model of mind and consciousness explains so much that material science cannot: telepathy, remote viewing, telekinesis, ESP, levitation and even an explanation for so-called past lives. It’s a far more complete view, moreover it does not have to deny phenomena that manifestly occur by pretending all other views or naïve or fraudulent.

Is Prof crazy? Let me tell you: even plants have a sophisticated sensory awareness capability, yet plants have no brain, no sense organs and not even any nerve fibers. Go figure! If plants can do it with no apparatus, you think we can’t step outside neurological perceptions too?

Let me paraphrase Banesh Hoffmann, an associate of Einstein, regarding what I have uncovered about the world “beyond”: these discoveries contain within themselves something of the eternal, and to our mortal gaze they stand a dazzling edifice of towering majesty, whose brilliance gladdens the soul and sends forth brave, struggling rays to pierce the murk and gloom that press around. Here in such theories and discoveries is a revelation, all too scant, of the mighty wonder that is the universe.

To study the real capabilities of mind and consciousness, I have developed a system of exploring consciousness and Being that I call Supernoetics™. Don’t worry—you don’t have to do anything Satanic to get involved! Just be interested and curious.

I’ve been at this, somewhat secretly, for over 30 years and just lately have been more forthcoming with my findings. I’m totally willing to share my knowledge, without cost, to genuine seekers.

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To your huge shift in awareness!

8 thoughts on “Take Time To Think Of The Mighty Wonder That Is The Universe

  1. Wow! I came to this web page from your email. There, at the very top, were the words: “We are the Cosmos made conscious and life is the means by which the Universe understands itself.” They jumped out at me, knocked me back to the words I wrote in 1967: “We are the Universe knowing itself in the body of mankind. We are stardust.” Around the same time, “Carl Sagan wrote: “We are a way for the Universe to know itself…We are star stuff.”

    Yes. We are what I now call “pimples” on the face of God or the space-time continuum. Each “pimple” experiences itself as an individual, isolated, looking at other isolated pimples. The pimple is our ego, our self. What the pimple does not easily experience is the fact that it is a “bulge”, an “eruption”, an emergence from the “skin” of the face of God or the continuum. We are ripples in the space-time continuum…. I feel goosebumps when I write these words now. I think I will change “pimples” to “goosebumps.” We are goosebumps when we get the intuition, the trembling understanding, that we are actually expressions of the continuum. When we feel this, know this, we realize we are all, at the deepest level, “one” and more than that– We are the eyes, the sense organs (if you will) of the continuum, or God, who is knowing its creation–the entire creation, our birthplace. THAT is why mankind searches, to know, to go “where no one has gone before.” Star Trek was and is a symbol, an archetype, of humankind’s exploration of material space…but also the final frontier within. We are the universe knowing itself…in the mind, heart, and body of mankind! We are that journey.

    Thank you for your inspiration today.

  2. Die Wünsche des Lebens
    Gesundheit ist dem sterblichen Mann
    Das erste; das zweite Wohlgestalt;
    Das dritte Reichtum ohne Betrug;
    Das vierte, mit seinen Geliebten sich jung erfreun.
    (aus dem Altgriechischen von Johann Gottfried Herder)

    At the end, no one can deny solipsism.
    kind regards,
    felix thommen

  3. Hullo Keith

    I have been “listening” to you since the early 90’s after I read your book ” Virtual Medicine” – I was studying Electro Crystal THerapy at the time – having experienced a head injury ( Brain Stem ) thus no longer a physio. For some reason I became more aware of subtle energies.

    Having seen so much reality of life in the hereafter I am fascinated in the whole shebang… particles here and even particles over there… Sign me up please and when my normal brain is functioning I will appreciate your written thoughts on this subject. Most exciting Best wushes

    Trish Niblock

  4. The science’s do have some interesting concepts. So does the bible. I’m banking on the latter of which I am a long time student , writer, and blogger. amazon/author/mary_e_lewis

    • Sad to think of someone putting their faith in the scribblings of
      folks in the desert, 2,000 years ago, who never saw a motor car, a computer,
      cell phone, x-ray machine or a space rocket Mary. What could they POSSIBLY
      teach us in our day and age? Not a lot. We need a new religion, actually,
      A valid and modern one! Keith

      • 2000 years is like a second in geologic time. Take a moment to think about everything that hasn’t changed. Each part of history played a role in bringing us to where we are today, just as every scientific study builds on previous work. A through understanding of history, as recorded in the bible and elsewhere, is essential to understanding the present. Also, low-tech does not mean low-knowledge. People scribbling in a desert experience the world in a very different way than we do, and their observations are valuable. No one on earth has a monopoly on the truth, and I’m saddened whenever science and Christianity are presented as being mutually exclusive. Each can inform the other.

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