Separating Noise From Knowledge and Wisdom

A picture is worth a thousands words, they say. Take a look at this graphic: it almost doesn’t need any comment.


It makes the point that wisdom floats on top of understanding and understanding is built on knowledge.

It also clearly separates information and data. It’s been a saying of mine for decades that information implies consciousness. Information doesn’t mean anything much unless there is awareness present.

Shorn of interpretation and meaning, information is just data. A ton of data points mean little or nothing, unless there is intelligence viewing it, which can spot the patterns.

Below that is just noise.

It may be more important to understand noise than to understand wisdom (in a way). Noise appears random, arbitrary, unimportant, is not aligned and therefore not useful. It’s the opposite of coherence. Noise is a sort of psychic turbulence. It is best avoided. Continue reading

Don’t Let The Future Kill The Now

The Gap

The discipline we call “Solutions Focus” has a very fine point to make. We ask how things are on a scale of 1—10 and then, instead of asking, “Why isn’t it a ten?” we ask, “Why isn’t it a one?”

Say your life is a 3. Well, you must have some things going right… after all, it isn’t a 1 or a 0! So there must be some resources you can use. Look at what’s working in your life and start to build on that.

In other words, you look at solutions, instead of problems; what you have, instead of what you don’t have.

If you ask how to get to a 10, that will likely depress you. But ask how to get to a 4 and it will seem very doable.

A chunked down version of this life hack is attributed to Dan Sullivan; he calls it “The Gap”. He’s referring to the gap between where you are and where you’d like to be (the ideal, for you). Continue reading

Is Power Your Thing?

Freud insisted that all human motivation was based on the sex drive.

His pupil, Dr. Alfred Adler, disagreed. He thought that mastery over others was the main drive in human affairs.

Interpersonal power is the capacity to influence others while resisting their influence over you. Dozens of books are written each year on how to gain control and mastery over others.

Professor David McClelland studied the power motive in thousands of subjects. He concluded that the will to power as a human necessity much like the need for recognition, achievement, or love. In the course of his extensive research he identified three characteristics of people with a high power drive:

  1. They act in vigorous and determined ways to exert their power
  2. they spend a lot of time thinking about ways to alter the behavior and thinking of others
  3. They care very much about their personal standing with others

If any of these characteristics sound like you, it might mean that you’re compulsive about having power over others. Take this quiz, which may provide some further insight into your motivation. Continue reading

Powerful Recovery Rubric

This is something simple you can do, to get started on improving your life right now.

You can repeat this system at any time. It is especially valuable for those occasions you feel overwhelmed by circumstances or can’t cope.

But it is not confined to use in a drastic crisis. It would help a very efficient and successful person up a notch or two as well. Such simple step-wise programs we call in Supernoetics™ a “rubric” (a formula).

Step 1. Make a List

Start by making a list of undone things that are holding you back in life, from the smallest to the most intimidating. Empty your head as the thoughts come. Don’t try to put them in any sequence or hierarchical order. Continue reading

Rubrics and Formulas

A rubric or formula is where real the magic lies. You’ll see lots of these as important properties of Supernoetics™. By a rubric is meant a series of action steps. These usually need to be taken in sequence. Moreover, the whole won’t work if a part is missing.

The essence of a rubric is getting a result. In that sense, a rubric could be likened to a recipe: ingredients to put in, actions necessary and an outcome that is clearly defined.

For an example of this, let me quote my Recovery Rubric, a series of steps you take when life seems overwhelming and you can’t seem to get through your projects, because there is so much to do. Continue reading

Smooth versus Continuous

Here’s a great place to introduce one of the key concepts in all philosophy, math and science: Is the world a continuous sheet of reality, or is it broken into lumps, however small. Smooth vs. spotty, that’s the question?

It might seem a bit academic but actually it’s crucial to the way our mind works.

Numbers, for example, as spotty: there’s 1, there’s 2, there’s 11. They have gaps from one to the next. True, we can fill in a lot of the gap between 1 and 2, like 1.1, 1.2, 1.254, but we can never totally fill it in; just assign smaller and smaller fractional jumps. It’s spotty.

Space, on the other hand, is smooth. There are no breaks or missing sections of space. One part of space transitions without gaps to the next.

Digital means spotty; it’s yes-no all the way, no gradation. Whereas what we call analog is smooth. Take a timepiece. If it is a digital clock, it jumps, it’s spotty. If it’s an analog, it’s smooth—the hands go through an infinite number of shades from one reading to the next.

On the whole, our right brain works in a smooth way. It is spatial and continuous. The left brain is digital and character and therefore spotty. Counting numbers or spelling words, for example, are both spotty, click click click. Those are left brain functions.

But when we look at a picture or photograph, that’s an analog function. We see the picture all at once, not in lumps or chunks. Sure we can look at the tiny figure in the bottom left corner; but we are still conscious of the picture as a whole. That’s the right brain at work.

A human placed in society exhibits this same basic duality. An individual, considered alone, is spotty; we are all discreet individuals. But a human is not really alone; we are part of an interconnecting network of humanity and the even vaster biosphere and therefore smooth! Continue reading