8 core values that make Supernoetics the Golden Path to Your Dreams


  1. We do have the techniques. That’s not even a question. We CAN do everything we claim to do. Not only that but we can do more and do it faster than any other system of thought and action.
  2. We are great people to be doing this. We love healing, camaraderie, achievement, compassion, understanding and wisdom. We are a community, not a business. We EAT these values, BREATHE them and sleep on them, EVERY NIGHT!
  3. We are dedicated to learning more and more about how life works, how people think, why they behave as they do and how to change and transform them into what they yearn to be. Winners never stop learning; real learners never stop winning.
  4. We are not tied to old dogmas. We have no hackneyed, old and worn-out rituals to foist onto people. We are a bright new, fresh and evolving rapidly. Dogma is almost the exact opposite of the wisdom we are seeking. Look around you and you will see the old ways are just not working. Something has to change. We are the EMBODIMENT of change! (We have the Protocols for Change and Human Transformation™!)
  5. We are straightforward, honest and easy to deal with. There are no hidden tricks or extras. WWSIWYG (what we say is what you get!) Nobody is coerced and if the fit isn’t right, we part ways affectionately. We are not a cult which says, “You are free to go any time,” but then says, “Trying to leave shows you are sick and foolish.”
  6. Our system is based on a core set of axioms or “Propositions Of Being”, which are profound and yet simple; exciting, yet far-reaching in their impact. These put consciousness at the core of experience and explain how these fundamental building blocks create the world we experience.
  7. Our unique “thought structures” will take you further along the path than any guru ramblings, religious supposed-to ritual or New Age psychobabble. There really are configurations in the mind which, once mastered, will enable you to rise to a new level of problem-solving and successful action.
  8. Dr. Keith, the Creator of Supernoetics®, is a member of MENSA, the high IQ club. And whereas he doesn’t say you can have a staggering IQ, he does teach the idea of “adaptive intelligence”; that is, brilliance in thought and action AS APPLIED TO LIFE! What could be smarter or more intelligent than starting to get the outcomes you desire?