2012 a Great Time to be Alive!

Guest blog by Buryl Payne

For the past several years there has been much speculation about 2012, the supposed end of the Mayan Calendar.   It doesn’t end of course.   It is round and simply starts a new cycle like the clock striking midnight and starting to mark hours on another day.   The illustration above is my own beautiful two foot square Cloisonné Calendar, purchased in Mexico, over forty years ago.  The symbols in the calendar represent numbers. These calendars were probably made thousands of years before the Mayan people used them.

Scholars in recent times have finally learned how the calendar was used. While there is much ado about the connection between the calendar and current events on Earth in 2012, and much speculation about its relation to the galactic Center, let’s leave that, since there is nothing humankind can do about it now. This paper gives attention to alignments within our solar system happening now and in the next few months, which may have a direct impact on current events.

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