2012 a Great Time to be Alive!

Guest blog by Buryl Payne

For the past several years there has been much speculation about 2012, the supposed end of the Mayan Calendar.   It doesn’t end of course.   It is round and simply starts a new cycle like the clock striking midnight and starting to mark hours on another day.   The illustration above is my own beautiful two foot square Cloisonné Calendar, purchased in Mexico, over forty years ago.  The symbols in the calendar represent numbers. These calendars were probably made thousands of years before the Mayan people used them.

Scholars in recent times have finally learned how the calendar was used. While there is much ado about the connection between the calendar and current events on Earth in 2012, and much speculation about its relation to the galactic Center, let’s leave that, since there is nothing humankind can do about it now. This paper gives attention to alignments within our solar system happening now and in the next few months, which may have a direct impact on current events.

SECTION 1. December 21, 2012 events.

 Below is a diagram of the solar system with its nine planets for December 21. What will happen?

Planetary alignments have been clearly connected with sunspot formations.  On December 21, Mercury, Venus, and Saturn align with the Sun.  There will be some sunspot formations and geomagnetic activity associated with that alignment.  The solid line in the diagram shows this pattern.  Also, the day before this alignment, the Moon is conjunct or in a line with Uranus. There may be some geomagnetic activity from that event, although no sunspot formations.

A couple of days afterwards, the Moon will be conjunct Jupiter, the largest planet.  This has been found to be associated with a few days of unusually warm and sunny weather as well as geomagnetic activity. People will feel good and all the more so, since it will be Christmas.

The maximum warm weather due to Jupiter’s influence will be just after Thanksgiving when there is an eclipse of the Moon.

Earth is not in alignment with any planets, everything in this diagram runs a counter clock wise direction (as if it were perceived from above the solar system.) From the alignment of Mercury, Venus and Saturn, there will be heightened solar activity on the far side of the Sun as well as on the near side, 180 degrees opposite, just as the Moon influences tides on both sides of Earth.

Since Earth is nearly 30 degrees ahead of this spot, it will be a few days before the Sun rotates to project emanations such as solar flares toward Earth.  It is rather analogous to the light from a lighthouse sweeping around lighting up the ships at regular intervals.

So there will be a few days warning before solar emanations, if any, strike Earth and some precautions may be possible if an unusually large impact is expected. ☼

Probably many people, by fearful thoughts, will make the situation worse, and others will calm it by meditations and prayers.

Will anything special happen then? I have never observed any increase in earthquakes, volcanic eruptionsor sunspots around the winter or summer solstices,only good feelings, perhaps augmented by the Christmas holidays. Let’s keeppositive thoughts and visions in the forefront of our minds, and not be caught up byfears.

Meditations have definitely been associated with reduced sunspot numbers. Please invite your friends to join in meditations this week.

On December 21 the Sun appears to line up very closely with the Galactic equator.  This will be discussed in the next section.

SECTION 2. The Galactic Center.

On Dec. 21, the Sun is conjunct a line which was defined by the Astronomical Union in 1958 to be the Galactic Equator.

This line was in the approximate middle of the Milky Way Galaxy as it was then known. Now more sensitive detectors using infrared and x-rays have found the Galactic Center, thought to be a be a super dense entity called a black hole, at a point about 5° off the previously defined Galactic Equator. The Sun does not conjunct it exactly and never will in many thousands of years. The Sun, as seen from Earth, appears close to, but not exactly aligned with the central black hole. This has been the case every year for over two decades, and will continue to be close for more than two decades after Dec. 21, although it becomes a minimum in 2012.

The following diagram gives you a picture of the geometry.

Above is a drawing of the relative position of the Earth’s orbit around the Sun and the Milky Way. The plane formed by the Earth’s orbit is tilted about 62° to the Galactic Equator.  The Sun orbits around the Milky Way’s center, which takes over 26,000 light years to make one cycle. The center of the Milky Way is about 170,000 trillion miles away.

Looking from Earth on the day of the winter solstice on December 21, 2012, the Sun would appear to be exactly on an imaginary line, which is called the Galactic Equator of the Milky Way. On other years on the winter solstice, the Sun is seen as slightly below or slightly above the Galactic Equator, because the Sun oscillates slightly up and down in its orbit around the galaxy.

A black hole, now thought to be the center of the Milky Way, is 5° off the Galactic Equator of the Milky Way, which was true in 1958 before the black hole’s position was known.  Five degrees may be close enough that we might ‘feel’ or ‘perceive’ some effect on Earth around the solstice days. To astrologers, if the Moon lines up with any planets within five degrees, there is a combined influence that is more than the influence of either alone.

The diagram below gives a simplified version of the solstice events in the Northern Hemisphere.

There is a very slow (apparent) movement of the Sun up and down relative to the Galactic Equator. It is cyclic and takes about 36 years to move just a few degrees.

It is important to note that the Galactic Center is about 28,000 1ight years away. That is about 170,000 trillion miles away!

Many significant events on Earth would have been initiated by the Galactic Center 28,000 years ago. However what if there is some kind of emanation that travels much faster than light? The spin force which I and others have detected may be such a force effect and one Russian scientist, Dr. Nikolai Kozyrev, claims experimental detection of a related force called a torsion field, which travels much faster than light. If so, any effects on humankind would have already taken place years, maybe thousands of years ago, and maybe will occur in a few months. Depending on the velocity of the torsion force and its physical and/or psychophysiological effects. These effects are unknown, therefore leaving room for lots of speculation.

7 thoughts on “2012 a Great Time to be Alive!

  1. Great article – yes – let’s all have positive thoughts and give thanks for what we have. Yes, it is a great time to be alive – thank you

  2. It FEELS GOOD to read a Positive Informed opinion, rather than ‘fearful’ outdated perhaps, projections — so that we too are reminded, and encouraged, that we can All do our parts and send out ‘positive, life-giving energies’ to our Earth and All the Planetary systems.

  3. Thank you for sane, unemotional info countering the doom and gloom hogwash “lame stream” media have been shoveling our way for the past few years. I perceive that to be preparing frightened little minds to accept whatever the powers that be intend to inflict on mankind…solely for our protection, of course.

    I especially enjoyed reading how positive vibrations affect everyone and everything, the same as negative ones.

  4. It is pointless worrying about what may or may not occur on 21st December 2012 because, regardless of any preparations, we have no control over the forces of our galaxy. The best preparation I can think of is making sure you have enough alcohol to dampen the effect. Just sit back and enjoy… Cheers!

  5. I am always awe-struck by positive people amidst so much negativity in the world today. I too, like the author, believe that we must always look at the positive side of things. As a matter of fact – I believe that we have everything to do for positivity and the world still has a lot of rotating and revolving before it gives up on any of us! Thanks for a warm article.

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