Love Is Being

Someone asked me to explain my saying that “Love is Being”. Love is not something we give; not something we get. Love is not even something we DO. Love is what we ARE…

From my Tractatus (The Propositions Of Being), we suppose that consciousness came first (Primal Consciousness). In which case Being was before becoming. Becoming is adopting the physical reality as a vehicle.

Since it came first, consciousness has no matter, energy, space or time. Therefore consciousness is without time; is timeless; therefore does not end; therefore consciousness cannot die. Consciousness cannot UN-be!

It follows that the whole of the space-time continuum is within consciousness and not the other way round.

Therefore consciousness enfolds all that it physical.

Primal Consciousness enfolds all Being. Continue reading

Finding Lost or Missing Objects

Here’s a nice little hack we call “Strike Up Accord”. It’s a version of the Higher Power trick for finding lost car keys.

But we don’t rely on some other agency. From our own viewpoint, we strike up accord with the missing object. Reach out and feel love and warmth towards it. It will swim into view in the mind’s eye. It’s as if it was seeking you out, to re-connect!

Definition: accord (noun); in harmony, in tune, a pleasing relationship, a balanced interrelationship.

Interestingly, there’s an older definition: to settle or to reconcile. That makes sense; when something has vanished it has gone out of harmony. There is a dissonance, or a break in togetherness.

Best Video Dr. Keith Scott-Mumby Ever Made

I just spent 3 weeks with Dr. Keith in Las Vegas, and while I was on the plane back to Europe, he started to work on this video. It is probably the best video he ever made, and he has made many good videos! [see below for link to this video].

Here is my brief assessment of his teachings.

Dr. Keith talks about the things that matter most to me (how to eliminate negative mental energy that causes us to disable ourselves to a higher or lesser degree) in the way I always wanted them presented: linked into the vast body of those historical sources who were the first to work in the area of the body-mind-spirit complex, following their track up to present time, pointing out what works and what not, and finally presenting a system that has evolved over the decades into a practical approach that absolutely hits the nail on the head. People are flying before they even board their plane when Dr. Keith’s wife Vivien is driving them back to the airport after a few intense days of working with Supernoetics!

No matter what area of human life he is covering, if I compare his writings with things I have studied before and that covered the same area, his work is superior, advanced, more knowledgeable, more aware of ancient history as well as the most modern discoveries, and what’s most important: applicable to anyone who has the fire of determination to clean up their past and become more themselves – to unlock and manifest their full personal potential.

I am honored to have been chosen to become part of the Supernoetics adventure as a teacher and trainer, and hopefully a good ambassador.

Heidrun Beer, Copenhagen. Mar 2017.

Link to the video: Why Practitioners Are The Important First Responders

Positive Psychology Mainly Fails

I found a great piece over at (link is below). It questions whether positive psychology is actually so “positive”. With affirmations “I’m rich,” or “I feel good,” are you not, in fact, telling yourself you are not rich or don’t feel good in yourself? I think so.

The Problem With Positive Psychology

Can you really solve all your problems with a smile? Can you find the strength to look at the beauty of this world when your mind is a mess?

Let’s take a look at the main recommendations that are supposed to shift your mindset toward positive thinking:

  • Remind yourself that you exist for a purpose and everything happens with a purpose.
  • You will achieve what you want if you visualize success.
  • You’ll do better without toxic people around you. They disturb your focus and transfer their negativity onto you.
  • A single quote on a beautiful background can trigger the good in you.
  • Your mind has the power to convert negative emotions into positive ones.
  • When you’re weak, you need a reminder to love yourself.
  • With a positive approach to life, you’ll be a happier, more harmonious person.

When you’re feeling a bit low, you can keep saying to yourself: “I’m strong. I’m beautiful. I have a purpose. People need me. I can make things happen.” This approach will convince you to turn the TV off, get off that couch, and do something with your life. However, when we’re talking about serious problems, positive psychology can’t help you solve them. In fact, this approach has a dark side: Instead of leading you to a solution, it enables you to keep ignoring your problems.

Positive psychology books are not complete nonsense. Your thoughts have an effect on your actions and your complete well-being. The approach — that’s the real problem. You can’t change your life by reading a book and repeating positive affirmations. Even the slightest personal change is a whole process. If we’re trying to change our whole mindset from a negative to an affirmative, we’re looking the greatest challenge of our lives right in the face.

We do SHIFT (major transformation) in Supernoetics®. But it takes time and much deeper insight than the “think positive” idea:

Clean Hands

Let me talk about mean acts. This isn’t a technical term but it is a phenomenon well-known to us all: behaving badly, with or without justification or excuse, which hurts others, causes damage or compromises integrity.

Truth is, it’s not so much the hurting others angle that bothers us, apparently, so much as the being ashamed of admitting what we did. The reluctance to tell, the embarrassment, the guilt or the shame is what singles out these acts. These are the moments of low self-esteem and marked discomfort.

Consider for a moment the definition of mean. I scooped these particular definitions together from several online dictionaries:

Mean: Adj. unkind, spiteful, or unfair. synonyms: unkind, nasty, unpleasant, spiteful, malicious, unfair, cruel, shabby, foul, despicable, contemptible, obnoxious, vile, odious, loathsome, base, low.

Yikes, that’s pretty unpleasant stuff! Trouble is we know, despite trying to kid ourselves, that these acts could be all of those things.

But now look at a related word (not a derivative though): Continue reading

The Knowledge Revolution

I see myself as spearheading a new direction in thought. I was at a conference recently; quite admirable but where the spiritual seekers all seemed to have got it into their heads that the coming ideal scenario was a socialist paradise, where the rich are blamed for all that’s wrong with our planet and they seemed to believe that if wealthy people were eliminated or, at least, brought down to poverty, it would all come out OK.

To me, that’s bunk. It’s a pretense that “others” are the problem. These people are looking in the wrong direction. It’s revolutionaries who usually want to kill others as the “solution”. I prefer a quieter approach, without the bloodshed.

I call it the knowledge revolution.

The truth is, we are living in times of a staggering explosion in our knowledge and understanding of the world we live in. Almost all the old paradigms are breaking down, in favor of a living, conscious reality, of which are not just a part but participants. It’s exciting, breathtaking, awesome and wonderful.

In fact it has real architecture and beauty…

But with progress comes responsibility. It’s not enough to be like the people of the Enlightenment, or the romantic movement of art and poetry, writing and commenting. Like it or not, we have become custodians of a fragile paradise that is now in peril—physical guardians, not just intellectual observers, labeling and classifying what we see.

Old aggressive solutions won’t work. We have to become supremely rational and constructive. Temper tantrums, stamping about and screaming, irrational rage, at the international political level, can cost millions of lives and irretrievably damage our world.

We need to indulge ourselves in the pleasures of wisdom and rationality, not in the pursuit of conquest and “winning”.