Pushing Your Faith To The Limit

FAITH IS THE STUFF OF THE IMPOSSIBLE. Whatever limits we’ve placed on ourselves are usually obliterated by faith. Faith sets sail from the coastland named “fear,” nipping at the waves of courage–taking on its precious water as crucial ballast–as it goes. It takes on brightly the chiding joys of new frontiers.

With each temptation to say, “No,” faith says an emphatic, “Yes!”

And with each frontier taken on and conquered this faith stretches us further in an interminable confidence that further casts into the unknown any notional boundaries or limits.

Pushing our faith is about identifying those boundaries, in wisdom, that we are destined to push past. We, by our very nature, severely underestimate our capacities as far as faith is concerned.

What is it in life that’s currently holding you back? Continue reading

The Path To Living Well

The Path to Living Well: Cultivating a Sense of Spirituality

By Laura M. Turner

“Let us first be as simple and well as Nature ourselves.” 
~Thoreau, Walden

Have you ever thought: “Wouldn’t it be great to live ‘well’?” Yet, through our often rushed and fully-packed schedules it’s easy to wonder what living well actually means. Is it about living “healthy”? Eating right to support your body? Is it about exercise? Managing stress?

The answer, indeed, is “yes” to all of these. However, before exploring what you can “do” to live well, let’s first take a look at who you are “being.” After all, it’s at the bottom of your being which creates the foundation for a healthy, fulfilling life.

How to decide who you are being? Well, most people already believe in a higher source, a higher power. But for our purposes, we’ll take it one step further. We’ll call this sense of “being” your own personal Nature. And, what’s important for a life of living well, is the connection you make to this inner Nature. The easiest way to do this… Develop your own personal belief system. Continue reading