Who Needs A Brain? – 2

The Flight Of Consciousness

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There is a curious scientific principle I refer to often: it can’t be true, therefore it isn’t. For most scientific intellects, they seem to think of it as some kind of magical axiom that can be trotted out to cover anything which disturbs their worldview (Zeitgeist) or challenges the status quo.

Of course they said it about heavier-than-air-flight, out-of-body experiences, telepathy, quantum biology and thousands of other applications in life where—in their view—the effect could not happen and therefore it didn’t. No need to look at the evidence: there couldn’t be any!

Well, it’s a handy, if lazy, way of looking at truths. The trouble is, these thinkers are never disturbed by concrete evidence of something contrary to their worldview; you cannot shift these people with mere facts! They have fixed prejudices which will never change. As someone wittily said (Thomas Kuhn, I think), the only way anything moves forward is when the old guard dies off and new people come onto the scene who are not prejudging the more advanced view.

So it is with the idea that consciousness does not need a physical matrix, such as a brain or even a computer. It just is! Viewpoint is a matter of choice and a person can accept their viewpoint as peeping out at the world from behind a pair of eyes in their skull. Or the person can say “I am not in my body; I don’t need my body to perceive”. When such a person is good at it, they can “see” just as well as with eyes.

So out-of-body experiences and remote viewing are not just possible but would be expected. Near-death-experiences (NDEs) have something of the same characteristics, where the person is consciously aware but clearly not working from the brain or the normal sensorium of sight, touch, smell, etc.

You can choose where you stand: either these are real and clear events—or they are just some kind of hallucination phenomenon. But if you are going to stick with the second line of argument, then you must discount enormous quantities of evidence showing that we are NOT a material consciousness.

Shamanic Journeying

Did you ever daydream at school—you know, gaze out the window and imagine yourself floating off and into to some interesting new place, where teacher wasn’t droning on about history? Maybe in the woods or down at the beach or at home… It all seemed pretty real to us kids, didn’t it?

Well, I’ve got news for you: this was not imagination; you really did drift off into another reality. You were told it was all a delusion; you “imagined” it. So kids eventually learn “the truth”: that all their little magical visions and journeys out of the body were just made up. They were not real because they couldn’t be real: nobody travels outside their body, right?

That’s what the adults told you, anyway. And you probably bought into it. You either stopped doing it—or you reassured yourself it was just daydreaming.

But I’m telling you it was real and I’m giving you permission to go back in time, revisit those childhood years, and tell yourself that it really did happen the way you experienced it. In fact kids are very good at it; that’s part of being a child!

Shamans know that it is possible to exit the body and visit other realities. They do it all the time. I described in my sizzling mind-bender book To Fly Without Wings that my definition of a shamanic magic event is: that a change is made in this “other reality”, which brings about a change in the so-called real world.

I’ve made many shamanic journeys and they are pretty vivid for me. I’m actually an honorary shaman of the Nemenhah tribe in Missouri (http://www.nemenhah.org). But I do not have the practiced skill of some shamans.

My great friend Susan Flood is very gifted, however. She taught my eldest son, who once made a journey for me and the results were close to instant; that same day, I got two phone calls that I had been waiting for over a period of many months. Just a coincidence? Sure…

To learn more about expanded consciousness at this level, you had better read my book To Fly Without Wings. I once met with a magical being (some would say a fairy) on a mountainside in Scotland; it was many years ago and I asked for instructions in magical flying (flying without wings, otherwise known as levitation).

The journey of discovery I made under this guide was profound, mind-wrenching and really hilarious. Many people have enjoyed this book, which one reviewer praised by saying it made The Celestine Prophecy read like a bus timetable.

Unlike James Redfield’s book, there are answers. There are drills to do. There is an outcome at the end. But you’ll be amazed at how far out into the mind’s left field you’ll be taken! You may never be the same after you have read it and learned powers that you hold but have not exploited since you were young.

The powers of consciousness.

Get a copy here:  The Number One Wish


Final Word

My wife Vivien asked what, to her, was an obvious question. If people are missing most or all of their brain, what about the right and left brain thing? How does that operate?

The answer lies mainly in the physiology of this: right and left brain is largely a theoretical concept which doesn’t operate as all the textbooks describe, unless you artificially sever the connections between the two halves.

In life, our right and left brains work well together and are integrated in function, if not running in mutual resonance. So balancing up the two halves is still important and leads to great surges in mental prowess (see Master Key).

Most of the right and left brain skills we trot out are simply out there in the information space we call mind.

OK, she was happy with that. Then—because her aunty had an operation for a brain tumor yesterday and the surgeons had to take care not to damage the speech area on the left side—she asked another penetrating question: if it’s not done in physical parts of the brain, why would damage on the left side (Broca’s area) lead to loss of speech capability?

The short answer is this: let’s go back to the radio model. If you have a radio and take out the battery, it won’t work; if you take out the variable capacitors, it won’t tune   properly; if you removed one or more of the transistors, it won’t work… and so on.

There are physical relations between radio parts and function. But none of that has anything to do with the radio station that’s transmitting the programs. Similarly, we can associate parts of the brain with output: the motor area, for example, controls movements. If damage occurs to these parts, some malfunction is inevitable.

However—and this is back to redundancy—it’s amazing what skills a person can learn or re-learn, when parts of the brain have been damaged. I’ve enabled people to start using limbs up to 30 years after a stroke! Was that re-growing neurological tissue? Or just training new brain areas to do the necessary job?

You know my position already: Nature can work her way round almost any problem, if we just get out of the way. Silence the doctors who stand around shaking their heads and saying you’ll never walk again… and wait for Nature to come up with a solution and supposedly magical recovery. All it takes is getting the doctors out of the way!

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  1. Great article. Since you seem to be a seeker of TRUTH, what is your opinion on this video?—www.youtube.com–type in–PoW8sm5Jv3w Interested to hear your opinion on this whole issue. Thanks, Jim

  2. Truly very interesting. Not everything was new to me, but some of it is. There are more things in heaven and earth….
    as Shakespeare said.
    I have known for a long time that love and forgiveness is essential to lead a happy life. Not forgiving eats people up like a cancer. I am lucky I never bear a grudge against anyone.

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  4. The people without a brain, do they have a brain stem? How do they see and hear without the areas of the brain that control those functions? How do you explain personality changes in people that have had brain injury.

    • The answer Ken seems to be that hearing and sight are not functions of brain cells, in the way that we once thought.
      The personality Q is easy: mess up the telephone wires and the phone call gets garbled!!

  5. Great article, really interesting stuff that I have never heard before. Will definitely be sourcing that book to read.

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