Is Your Brain Really Necessary?

You can also read an extended 2-part article, from which I spoke to make this video.
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  1. A few years ago I saw an item on TV about birds (with birdbrains) and what they were able to do, and hypothesised that maybe our memories, etc. are stored in a field around us (external HD!) and the brain was merely the CPU. Well, perhaps not quite spot on, but it’s still good to have corroboration, especially since I am only a layman … and possibly a bear with very little brain. Thanks.

  2. Very interesting Keith and thank you. You mention out of body experiences in a way that suggests it is a skill. Can you “go into your neighbour’s house” and see things they are doing and hear conversations they are having?
    Also, are you able to perform remote viewing in a way that gives you reliable information that you couldn’t know ?
    If you are, how did you learn / discover these skills / gifts?
    Thanks again.

  3. Amazing thinking Keith. I’m very interested in the various approaches to consciousness … Robert Lanza’s notion of biocentrism where everything exists as probability waves until observed and then probability waves collapse to particle behaviour … maybe it’s all aligned with old perceptual constructivism of Helmholtz? … we, by nature of the eye and brain, create a representation of the world in the brain … fine and dandy … until you get to James Gibson’s “ecological optics” … asserting that surfaces, textures, and our environment contain INFORMATION that guides the organism … based on studies that depth perception is innate and seems to be hardwired in infants. Then to OBE and ‘perception and construction’ of environment WITHOUT brain, since you left your brain in the body (i.e., who’s doing the constructing in OBE). Maybe these notions don’t have to be mutually exclusive? If indeed “quantum reality” is energy and information fluctuating in and out of existence, and within that, “biogenic reality” is that which we observe as organisms … hence birds and bees have a different reality from that of humans and horses because of different sensory-cognitive-semantic capacities. It might mean that nature has cleverly hardwired certain ecological-optics interpretations for the protection of the organism (depth perception in infants, stumps in dark forest are always lurking bears) … hence the biogenic reality and morphogenic field is served as species-specific information … it’s then up to the organism (with built in wiring) to MAKE SENSE of the world irrespective of the manner in which it does it. I don’t necessarily see ecological optics and constructivism as opposing but rather parallel / alternative / interactive mechanisms. Similarly, not sure if brain-in-head vs brainless is a necessary distinction … maybe the organism simply uses “out there” and “in here” information to make sense with what its got? And sometimes gets it all wrong as in phantom limb cases. Very cool stuff, nevertheless.

  4. The most fantastic video and information I have ever received. Total “mind-changing” news on our most
    delicate functioning.
    Thank you a million Scott-Mumby.
    But the pituitary and the pineal glands are supposed
    to also have determining influence! What happened to
    these in the “brainless” individuals and in us with a “brain”?
    Thanks again for this help to jump forward in the
    general understanding of our being.

  5. Some years ago I read a book called “The book of the it” by Georg Groddeck. Your concept is as fascinating as some of the ideas presented in the book though I think that by now, his ideas may be in several areas outdated. Are you aware of this book and his ideas. If you are, what do you think? I’ll be very interested in hearing your views.

  6. Have you read the Secret life of Plants. Look at the section on the heart. Lot of brain stuff in there. So I wonder if the people/beings you are describing are more governed by the heart.


    • Yes I have read The Private Life Of Plants; loved it.
      We have people without brains but nobody without a heart, so maybe you have a strong point there Gnetahn!

  7. Thank you, Dr. Keith Scott-Mumby, for your lucid, lively, extremely interesting and unencumbered presentation-video on the brain and consciousness. I loved it, and will pass on the link to our Meta students and truth-seekers alike. Such knowledge needs to flood the Earth!
    As a teacher of Metapsychiatry and longtime student of its founder, psychiatrist Thomas Hora, a pioneer researcher in consciousness,
    I, too, understand consciousness to be supreme, and, in our work, we see the brain to be, ultimately, an illusion. We are not our bodies or brains or the persons we think we are–Oh, no!
    In Metapsychiatry, we see the brain as a transponder, a receiver, as you so clearly explain, and overcome our earlier education that has “brainwashed” us to see it otherwise, by purifying the contents of our consciousness and gradually re-training or entraining it, through a process involving a specific thought-system and juxtapositional method, as well as through scientific prayer and meditation. Our goal is enlightenment and the liberation it bestows.

    In the early 1980s, Dr. Hora cited the work of Pribram and Bohm, among others, as significant in helping us to juxtapose the idea of a brain with that of a consciousness, and, thereby, to reveal what is dimensional as opposed to what is non-dimensional, what is finite as opposed to what is infinite, to distinguish between what is seen and what is unseen, and, ultimately, to discern the difference between what is unreal and what is real and eternal. Your video talk is filled with welcome scientific evidence that confirms what mystics over time have always known, and substantiates the work of bona fide metaphysical teachings, consciousness-oriented ones, like Metapsychiatry, which has transformed and healed so many.

    Sheldrake’s postulations and concept of the M-Field have been helpful in expanding my own awareness of the infinite potentialities available to mankind, smashing ideas of limitation and establishing new paradigms, not because of any individual’s “special” brain power or IQ, or any extraordinary personal or human capacity, but because of consciousness and its infinite and transcendent nature, one with and inseparable from the Infinite Cosmic Consciousness, the Perfect and Transcendent Source of all Intelligence, Creativity, Inspiration and Truth. All solutions and Love come not from a brain or a so-called personal mind or physical person, but from a Transcendent Place we call Consciousness–and we are already in It and It is in us, and we just have to wake up to see It, in order to realize It and be blessed. Consciousness is synonymous with awareness–man is a non-dimensional entity of awareness. Consciousness is what we are as well as the true Realm in which we exist eternally; it is the non-material, indestructible, eternal essence of man, whose substance is spirit, and it survives the body.
    “Consciousness is the sole reality” (Thomas Hora, MD).

    • What is Einstein? The dross inside your head? You have chosen the nickname of a man who was far keener than you to look at new truths.

  8. Brilliant. I facilitate family constellations, which is living proof on non-locality, as anyone can tune into the field of anyone else and ‘download’ the energy, and act it out. Next workshop on Sun 24th March near Brighton, all welcome,, or 01273 417997

  9. There is a simple way to test this. Let’s remove his brain and see what happens. Of course, we already know the answer.

    • What’s up Fletch? Can’t you read?
      98% gone and you still believe in the brain?
      Turn off the radio, no more music. Ergo music comes from the radio?
      Well, yours is a simplistic world.

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