Creative Mind Power


Here’s a device that you just HAVE to get. I use mine often.

Amazing patented mind technology

I have negotiated a super deal for my subscribers!

List price is $397 but

You pay just $277 if you act NOW

To purchase a unit… 

go here if you live in the USA or Canada

go here if you live in any other territory 

guarantee30You have a 30-day 100% no risk guarantee. Just return the unit in good condition. No questions asked.

When I say “no questions”, I means no quibbling about the refund. But Dale and Bruce would welcome any input from you, if the unit does not impress you with its performance.

To purchase a unit… 

go here if you live in the USA or Canada

generic order button

go here if you live in any other territory 

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17 thoughts on “Creative Mind Power

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    • It’s not a transmitting device at all.
      Of course whenever you put a battery into an object, or turn on a light, you give yourself a radiation dose.

  2. I am 80 years old, and tried EquiSync CD’s for Alpha, Delta and Theta waves. The CD’s were quite relaxing, but nothing else. Could it be that because of my age, I can no longer hear the frequencies that are being generated. Would this apply to MasterKey?

    • Possible (anything is possible!) but not likely Philip.
      The difference with the Master Key however is the photic driving (lights). These are known to be MUCH more powerful than the binaurals alone.
      Try a Master Key, they have a very lenient return policy!

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  6. I’m confused. Is the Master Key similar to the TGI Pro which has the extra memory & where you can add your own program, or the TGI
    Key ? Can you also choose the programs you want when you buy it ?

    • Very similar Marion. But the Master Key has one or two advantages. You can set different entrainment programs, for going to sleep, waking up, afternoon refresh and so one. The TGI Pro does not allow these subtleties.
      Plus, with the Master Key, it’s easier to add/switch/edit programs.

  7. I have been looking at the TGI Pro but the taxes and shipping from letmebehealthy are exorbitant. I once paid $200 on top of the $3,000 in products I purchased so I’m a bit shy of ordering anything further from them. I have cancer and want the device primarily for this purpose. Does it come already downloaded with the programs you choose? Is there anything which targets cancer issues? I am not all that tech savvy either, and want to avoid anything stressful! I am in Oz – what are the shipping and tax costs please?

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