The Knowledge Revolution

I see myself as spearheading a new direction in thought. I was at a conference recently; quite admirable but where the spiritual seekers all seemed to have got it into their heads that the coming ideal scenario was a socialist paradise, where the rich are blamed for all that’s wrong with our planet and they seemed to believe that if wealthy people were eliminated or, at least, brought down to poverty, it would all come out OK.

To me, that’s bunk. It’s a pretense that “others” are the problem. These people are looking in the wrong direction. It’s revolutionaries who usually want to kill others as the “solution”. I prefer a quieter approach, without the bloodshed.

I call it the knowledge revolution.

The truth is, we are living in times of a staggering explosion in our knowledge and understanding of the world we live in. Almost all the old paradigms are breaking down, in favor of a living, conscious reality, of which are not just a part but participants. It’s exciting, breathtaking, awesome and wonderful.

In fact it has real architecture and beauty…

But with progress comes responsibility. It’s not enough to be like the people of the Enlightenment, or the romantic movement of art and poetry, writing and commenting. Like it or not, we have become custodians of a fragile paradise that is now in peril—physical guardians, not just intellectual observers, labeling and classifying what we see.

Old aggressive solutions won’t work. We have to become supremely rational and constructive. Temper tantrums, stamping about and screaming, irrational rage, at the international political level, can cost millions of lives and irretrievably damage our world.

We need to indulge ourselves in the pleasures of wisdom and rationality, not in the pursuit of conquest and “winning”.

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