The Power Of Electro-Nutrition For The Brain

We know to take omega-3s, B complex, iodine and other good stuff for brain health. We take vinpocetine and gingko to stave off memory decay and aging. Vital nutrients for the brain preserve our faculties and also enhance our moods.

But don’t forget that the brain is also a finely tuned electrical organ; its wires run everywhere in our bodies. Nourishing the brain therefore means also electrical harmony. I call this electronic nutrition!

If you’ve not yet learned about massive progress in brain entrainment and integration, you have some catching up to do.

These days we don’t think of “right brain” and “left brain”, so much as whole integrated brain. It’s one organ; not two organs! We function far better when the two sides are balanced and working in harmony. Neither is better than the other, in any sense.

In recent years advanced electronic equipment has enabled us to explore the way our brain works and how it resonates energetically. The use of binaural beats allows us to change brainwave frequency and also to balance up the two sides.

Add to that the phenomenon of frequency following or “flicker following”—the use of synchronous flashing lights to alter brain frequencies—and we now have some pretty powerful tools to persuade the human brain to work better.

We can create deeply relaxing states at will. It’s not spooky or synthetic. In fact, after years of research into this, I can tell you our brains just LOVE it!

When we tune up our brains in this way, we know we have done the right thing, because our whole physiology changes: we become more relaxed, less stressed, lowered cortisol levels, blood pressure comes down, learning is speeded up and we even get more creative ideas!

My very knowledgeable readers will understand at once the benefits of all of these improvements.

Hopefully, you’ll have also grasped why I call these changes “electronic nutrition”. It’s definitely giving the brain more of what it wants and more of what makes it perform smoothly and healthily.

Adding the missing factor of brainwave frequency is just like adding a nutrient! It’s done by clever little electronic devices, hence the term electronic nutrition. What else would you call it?

How do we get all these good effects?

Consider owning a small, highly portable unit, that you can carry around in a pocket or purse and which you can set to produce the brainwave frequencies of alpha (calm and relaxation) or theta (dreaming and meditative state). Ask somebody to get you one for Christmas; or buy one for someone you dearly love, because it will preserve them from the worst ravages of our modern lifestyle.

Make sure it’s a device which also adds the frequency following of flashing lights and, for good measure, adds wonderful music—we all know the mind-changing effect of serene and gentle harmonies.

One of the nice things about this added “brain nutrient” is that the effect is almost immediate. No need to wait several weeks for the nutritionals to kick in. Electrical balance comes in 10 minutes or less. In fact, I have science on my desk that shows you can induce the calm and coherence equivalent to 30 years of meditation in just 7 minutes!*

I own a device I use almost daily that produces all the good changes I have been talking about. I’ve written about this before. It’s called The Master Key and is manufactured by my good friends Dale and Bruce Springer. The Springers made their fortune in the 1980s with cutting edge electronic gear; now, as they approach their 70s, they have focused exclusively on devices with health benefits.

The original patented PAL device (personal accelerated learning) has now morphed into “The Master Key”. The original program, called Creative Visualization and Relaxation is now known as Transformational Guided Imagery.

It combines binaural beats technology with flicker following, beautiful specially-composed music and the spoken voice, giving new mental territories to enjoy.

My Own Contribution

I have recorded several tracks for The Master Key. I’m told by users they are exceptionally good! I tried to be very innovative and, as you chill out and go into deep theta, where wonderful things happen, my voice takes you to explore places of the mind, like Atlantis and Avalon, or real world perspectives, like visiting with Gaia or taking a mental Tour Of The Universe (the most popular track of all).

I’ve also done a mental freedom set entitled “Love, Gratitude and Forgiveness” (3 unique tracks).

But other contributors, such as Deepak Chopra, Lisa Nichols, Marianne Williamson and Dr. Brenda Wade (watch out for her on the Dr. Oz show) have laid down tracks to help you sleep, weight loss, stress reduction, sports performance, coping with cancer and breaking addictions, as well as general healing and brain enhancement.

As the pace of our world accelerates, it’s vital we help our brains cope with what would already seem overwhelming stress to people who lived a hundred years ago. We NEED this electronic nutrition, as I have started to call it.

When you come out of a session, you know… The world is brighter, calmer, more positive. Some owners, I know, do this more than once a day.

Thing is, I don’t know how I could get through all the stuff I do, without this very fine brain-aid. It really does nourish my faculties and mental functions, so I think, feel and act differently. It can do the same for you.

Get your own Master Key! It’s very affordable, goodness knows…

Follow this link and see me demonstrate one in a short video, then follow the link to the shopping cart:

To your mental health and enjoyment,

Prof. Keith (writing as The Renegade Guru)

*REFERENCE: EEG traces captured from an open recorded session on the InVision Suite using a Thought Technology FlexComp encoder with an EEG lead attached at CZ.





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