Dr. Keith talking about past lives

I was interviewed this morning for a radio show in Marbella (Spain) by journalist and photographer, Rosalind Scott-Gibb.

I was talking about past lives and reality, as part of the Science of Being and Consciousness teleclass series I’m hosting.

It occurred to me during the broadcast, I could share it with you all. It’s a bit rough because we used skype. Not that it isn’t very clear but there was a big contrast between the two voice levels. I’ve evened them out as much as possible. I think you’ll enjoy this OK. It’s about 45 minutes.

Here’s the player. Click the arrowhead and it will open further.

You can also download the MP3 for podcasting (r-click and save).


Here’s the picture of Crater Lake, which I mentioned in my email.

17 thoughts on “Dr. Keith talking about past lives

  1. There is no such thing as past lives. The bible says that it is appointed man to die once and than comes the judgement. Nobody has ever had a past life.

    • I’ve had past lives Terry. Are you calling me a liar?
      You need to get really educated. Jesus and the Essenes were well aware of past lives (and wrote about them).

      The Council of Nicea didn’t want you to know that.

    • Hello Terry,
      You may feel secure to hold this point of view at this particular time, but there may come a time when you need a deeper explanation to life’s problems than can be obtained from such a Biblical interpretation. I mention this for your consideration as a former Christian priest. In fact there are many passages in The Bible that are suggestive of Reincarnation – one in particular (Matt. 11:2-15) suggests that Jesus himself accepted the doctrine. It happened to suit the dogmatic church that came later to squeeze the doctrine out of the Christian Faith, but of course truth cannot be removed as simply as that.

  2. Thanks Keith,
    Glad to hear that you are prepared to be up front about past lives. In a way it seems strange to me that many more thinking people do not accept the concept of reincarnation. My own teacher Geoffrey Hodson, used to work with a team of doctors at one time in his life in terms of helping them with medical diagnosis in intractable cases. And in many individual cases his yogic illumination enabled him to help individuals throughout his long life. However, in the end he applied most of his time to teaching Theosophy, which he saw as a means of preventing them getting into the same mess in the future.

  3. This life is but one of the many fleeting births. It is said that only great saints who achieve Nirvana are liberated from the cycle of life and death. The crater lake picture is really nice.

  4. Past lives are merely different experiences of Infinite Awareness ,you can call it soul if that makes it easier to understand, which each and every one of us is.We are all One.This life that we are living right now in this body form is just another experience.The problem is that we,most of us,forgot what we really are and what we are made of.

  5. I have actually accessed several past lives and watched various scenes from them, and other times when accessing them, heard myself speak in them. Through my personal experience I vouch that not only past lives occur, but lives on other planets as well, for I have seen and interacted with another aspect of myself in its life on another planet. “There are more things in heaven and earth than are dreamt of in your philosophy.”

    When I was in Istanbul and spent the better part of a day in the Hagia Sophia, when I went outside I saw an excavation of Constantine’s entrance, lintel and flagstones into his church that was built around 325 A.D. – the church that Justinian built the Hagia Sophia on. When I saw those flagstones I entered a place “outside of time” and knew with utter certainty that I had walked on those entrance stones once.

    I look forward to hearing the mp3 posted on this page tomorrow when I have time.

  6. It there is reincarnation why do so many people see their loved ones greeting them when they die and are revived? Why haven’t all the loved ones already reincarnated?
    That is the snag in my acceptance of it.

  7. There are unfortunately many ignorant, stupid and arrogant people on this planet, like our friend Terry here. This attitude of “live only once” is part of what leads to the greed that is destroying our world today – people who want to get as much for themselves NOW with no care for the future as they believe that they are not going to have to live with the consequences of their present lives. Then there are those that KNOW with certainty that we have lived before and will continue to do so.

  8. Yes, we do live with the consequences of our actions, both here in this life and in the life after the death of our physical body. We also have a spirit body ,even now, along with the physical body, which stays with us in the spirit world through our progression in the spirit world. There are many levels of progression. Our actions here determine our entre level “home”. We progress from there, based upon the development of the love and light in our soul. THERE IS NO NEED TO RETURN TO A PHYSICAL BODY. Besides, how would we fit another spirit body into the new physical body? One spirit body stays with us. LOVE is what takes us to brighter and happier places, even to Paradise, the 6th sphere. Then WITH THE INFLOWING OF THE DIVINE LOVE OF OUR FATHER< CREATER GOD, WHICH COMES TO US WITH OUR SEEKING IT'S INFLOWING, WE PROGRESS INTO THE 7TH SPHERE–THE GATE WAY INTO THE CELESTIAL HEAVENS, WHERE WE CONTINUE TO PROGRESS IN GREATER AND GREATER LOVE AND HAPPINESS FOR ALL ETERNITY. AT THIS POINT, WE ARE IMMORTAL. WHY WOULD WE EVEN WANT TO RETURN TO ANOTHER LIFETIME ON EARTH? IF WE BEGIN SEEKING THIS DIVINE LOVE DIRECTLY FROM THE FATHER NOW, WHILE ON EARTH, OUR PROGRESSION WHEN WE DEPART THIS WORLD, WILL BE QUICKLY TO THE HIGHER SPHERES. Also THIS DIVINE LOVE BEGINS TO TRANSFORM OUR SOULS, NOW. WE CHANGE. OUR PURPOSES CHANGE. OUR MOTIVES ARE OF A HIGHER NATURE. IT IS THIS DIVINE LOVE THAT CHANGES US FROM WITHIN. I KNOW, I have been seeking IT for 30 years. Try IT and you will see. You must only ask sincerely of GOD and be WILLING to receive IT'S INFLOWING, AND IT WILL COME. All of this is explained in THE PADGETT MESSAGES. James E. Padgett began receiving these messages after his wife died. She began telling him of her own progression, and that of his grandmother, who had progressed to the higher spheres. Many spirits wrote through Mr. Padgett, including Jesus of Nazereth, who told him of this DIVINE LOVE, that could be his just for the asking, in sincere prayer to the FATHER for IT'S INFLOWING. James began to pray for THIS LOVE, as was his wife. Padgett received 4 volumes of messages, explaining many past and present questions that people still have. There were messeges also from ancient spirits, some of whom had been waiting and waiting to be incarnated, but no one knew of anyone who had been reincarnated. A good source of these messages is: THE GOSPEL OF GOD'S LOVE. May you be Blessed with A GREAT INFLOWING OF THIS WONDERFUL LOVE. [THIS WAY is so much easier, and more beautiful.]

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