21 Burned in Hot Coal Walk Hosted by Tony Robbins

I’ve been shouting for years that fire walking is stupid, dangerous and meaningless.

Now Tony Robbins is among many ignorant gurus that mislead and hurt their followers. James Ray, remember killed three of his fans in a sweat log folly that went horribly wrong.

In San Francisco, fire officials said 21 people at a Tony Robbins event suffered second and third degree burns, while walking across hot coals and three of the injured were treated at hospitals.

What people who are pseudo-psychologists don’t get is that the body is not the mind.

You can walk on fire and not “feel” anything inside your head. BUT YOUR BODY STILL REACTS TO THE TRAUMA. The body shrieks in silent agony, just as if you had been burned at the stake. It doesn’t like it.

These severe (they are very severe) body traumas come out in later life, just as surely as early abuse will eventually surface.

Robbins is a dumb a**.

The injuries took place during the first day of a four-day event at the San Jose Convention Center which Robbins titles fatuously, “Unleash the Power Within.”

“Put yourself in hospital,” would be a more appropriate slogan. Most of those hurt had second and third degree burns, according to San Jose Fire Department.

A witness, who was not attending the event, heard screams of agony. “People were in pain. It sounded like people were being tortured,” he told Associated Press. He saw three ambulances, about 10 to 15 people on the ground being treated by paramedics and some people being wheeled away on stretchers.

“It was really just chaos,” he said.

Some of the screams of pain would surely have come from Robbins and his insurers. They are going to lose a lot of money: bad deal.


3 thoughts on “21 Burned in Hot Coal Walk Hosted by Tony Robbins

  1. Thank you so much again for your information, Dr Keith.

    Comfirmed my suspicions that ‘Robbins is a dumb a**’
    These so called “gurus”sweet talk & actually do convince people that they could & should be like them (gurus that is) in order to be successful – whatever that might be-
    instead of being themselves.

    ‘It ” is all akin to religious fervour & ‘mind control’ I guess.

  2. I did the 10 ft walk at Unleash the Power Within and at another of Tony’s seminars did the 40 ft walk. I didn’t get burned. It was an interesting experience and didn’t change my life. I wouldn’t encourange anyone to do it. That’s their choice. I’m sorry these people were burned. There are thousands of people at these Unleash the Power seminars and most of them don’t get burned. I don’t know what happens that some are burned and some are not. I wouldn’t do it again. I’ve attended many seminars. Most were interesting learning experiences and none of them changed my life.

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