Waves That Thrill

Sex is not intercourse

The moment of penetration and subsequent orgasm, for all its exquisite intensity, is but a small aspect of sex.

True sex is not merely an act but a mind process, which pervades all our conscious thinking. At times it is a faint tremor, at other moments it swells to an urgent and demanding feeling. It becomes an imperative.

There are many degrees to sex.

It rolls to and fro like a tide. High water may be the times of nakedness and caress, with tumescence and ultimate release.

But sex is there even in the ebb. It is an echo, a sigh, a fading chord which breathes its blessing on all our hours spent together.

When my love is not there, I feel the rhythm of the tide. When I know she is coming towards me, I feel the current beginning to stream. There is excitement, a tremble, vibration in the waters. I feel her before she is there. These are moments of intense anticipation that are as meaningful as the full message.

To want only the roaring high tide is to miss the beauty, the lust, the magic, which is present there at low water also.

The peace, the trust, the comfort, contain the voice of distant longing and earlier fulfillment or that which is to come.

Love speaks to us in these rise-and-fall rhythms, as a kind of music. But it is never truly absent.  A brief silence, indeed, may a part of the melody, in the same way that a pause in the music can add poignancy and meaning to a tune.

Love facilitates

Love helps one work better. It generates energy, especially the creative sort. This is surely connected with the procreative drive. One’s product and results are bettered. The environment is made more whole and secure. The healing power of love is undisputed.

There is thus a responsibility for those in love. Love is so powerful; you hurt others when there is a storm. Remember to fix it quickly afterwards. Even better, try to avoid strife in the first place. Give out your goodness and make a fruitful show of it.

Making waves

The loved one is your all, your everything. You need to show them that. The touch, the gesture, the word that fills you up starts an energy reaction. It emanates outwards, like ripples in a pond, and can be passed on to others. It is nurturing for them too.

It’s great to see people light up around love. A special couple with that particular feeling for each other have a kind of radiant light, a warmth, an energy that can inform others around them. Have you observed the reactions of the faces turned towards such a couple? There can be no doubt that something is passed on.

Don’t hide it. Make waves!

Plants and Sex

The lovely book The Secret Life Of Plants tells us about the work of US scientist Cleve Baxter, who tested and verified that plants have considerable perception. But you may not have noticed the work of another scientist, Pierre Paul Sauvin, an electronics expert from Patterson, New Jersey. Sauvin demonstrated, using plants connected to sensitive electronic instruments, that his laboratory plants reacted strongly when he and his girlfriend were having orgasm in the forest 80 miles away (he repeated this many times on different occasions in order to be sure!).

This is often quoted with hushed reverence, to show the sentience and psychic awareness of plants. I say yes to that. But it shows something equally magic and amazing about us! Surely it is an awesome thing if our good feelings and reactions spread outwards into the world to the extent of a sphere that is 80 miles (or more) across? By the way, it has not been possible to show similar emanations for negative and hurtful feelings. That’s a relief. It also substantiates my theory that negative energy by definition has no power. It can only take its force by riding on the wave of good feelings.

Here then is a kind of scientific proof of “The Power of Love” that people talk and sing about.

What else might feel the impact of our deepest thoughts, for both good or ill? Be careful what you think. Carry no malice, for you may be polluting our psychic environment.

History of this document: Jan 1994

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