Spanking The Monkey In Utero

OK, let’s clear up the jargon first. “Spanking the monkey” means masturbation (mine doesn’t look much like a monkey but I kind of get it).

In utero is a Latin medical term for “in the womb”.

What? Kids masturbating before they are even born? Yes, isn’t it wildly funny?

I’ve put this more in context on my Sexuality and Mysticism page. Just to let you know there isn’t much that’s boring in this site, if anything!!

Thing is, here, we believe that sexuality and spirit go closely hand in hand. Sex is nothing to be ashamed of, or shunned. Get plenty I say. It’s good for the self-image and good to refresh needed energies.

Not for nothing the Tantric adepts believe in long, slow sex! Even in the Western tradition, sex with the priestess was often the only acknowledged way to God. Christians called the priestesses whores – but that’s just hypocritical B*S* and phoney.

God gave us sex. To me it’s holy; VERY holy.

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