Our Life’s Assignment

Emmet Fox (1886-1851) was an Irish émigré with the gift of the gab, as they say. A wonderful, spiritual man and a fine preacher, he regularly addressed audiences of over 5,000 in New York.

I often quote some of his beautiful, healing words about love from Sermon On The Mount.

In one of Fox’s books (Make Your Life Worthwhile, 1942) I found a grand little piece entitled Our Life’s Assignment and I have adapted it here, for my forthcoming book BOOM!

There are certain key tasks in which we may attain at least some degree of mastery in this life, says Fox. Otherwise, we are wasting our precious time on Earth. They are:

  1. A duty to know and understand our conscious nature and expand our Being and awareness (finding God as he put it).
  2. Healing and regenerating our own bodies—demonstrating health.
  3. Getting control of ourselves and finding our True Place.
  4. Learning to handle other people both wisely and justly.
  5. Perfecting a technique for getting direct personal inspiration for a general or a specific purpose.
  6. Letting go of the past completely.
  7. Planning the future definitely and intelligently.

To Fox, if we attained even a working ability in these 7 zones, we were successful. It didn’t take mastery on each, just effective action. Moreover, we don’t need to be brilliant on all of them but we must act on each and every assignment. To do less was to be unbalanced.

Stripped of the Christian God message (so it becomes universal), we can see that finding out our true nature is an especially solemn duty. It is often said we are spirits having a human experience. Well, we should be putting that ahead of wealth, sex, fancy toys and status, surely?

Today, science is telling us loud and clear that the crazy notion of separateness is an illusion: it doesn’t even apply to atoms, molecules and planets, much less human beings. The idea the we stop at the skin is no longer tenable.

For the same reason, competitiveness and grabbing doesn’t work, logically. There appears to be short-term gain (I use the word appears advisedly) but in the long term, it amounts to nothing. Rich, abusive capitalists of the Western world (and now Japanese, Korean and Chinese capitalists) have made us aware that depredation sooner or later catches up with us.

As biological entities, these corporate freaks are one of Nature’s worst disasters. Put on Earth, they have soiled their nest, destroyed their environment and near killed their future offspring.

I’m sure the wealthy banking families are slowly coming to the realization that grabbing all the money will soon create a world in which money is valueless. Duh! And the Illuminati, or whatever they are called, by trying to dominate the world, have created one which isn’t worth ruling.

The chips are down now and the accounting process has started. It is clear that commerce and governments have been bankrupt for decades, possibly for many generations. They only survive because they are exploiting the efforts of good human beings. Always, the world is carried on the back of a worthy few, while the value pirates steal from them.

Bureaucrats and their bosses now run our world. Government has become a joke, as giant international cartels tell governments what to do. The idea of democracy is just a word. Freedom is just a word; wasn’t that a song title from my teens?

Well, I tell you, the old world is coming to an end and the worth of a man or woman is not to be measured in wealth or what kind of car he or she drives.

It is to be measured in how well each of us has done on Fox’s 1 – 7 Key Assignments. How do you rate yourself?

We don’t need a political solution. Outdated business and political systems will die, like the dinosaurs. Our task isn’t to fight them but to perform as well as we can on our life assignment, as outlined above.

I especially like 4: Learning to handle other people both wisely and justly, which Fox correctly puts after 3!

It seems to me that if we could all just master that one thing, the world would change overnight. Instead of violence, crime, sadism, anger and abuse, such as we see, the world would become friendly, holistic and safe.

We would heal social and political cancers very quickly.

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