Is This The Age Of Anxiety? – part 3

The holiday season overtook us… but I was about to deliver on a promise of what can you DO about anxiety. It seems quite a few people are eagerly awaiting the answer. I’m not surprised this piece struck a chord with so many: I believe it is indeed the Age Of Anxiety. It’s everywhere: economics, politics, religion, environment, gender issues, career… and now, of course, this year particularly: end of the world!! It would be pathological NOT to feel somewhat apprehensive.

As I showed with part 2 of this article series (Masserman’s Cats), anxiety is really uncertainty and contra-survival shocks that destabilize us and leads to tension. If you always know where you are going to live; that you will always have a home and food; that your job is secure; your God is not going to let you down; and your government is working to keep you safe; then you probably won’t feel insecure and will never know real anxiety.

However, there is still the physiological condition of anxiety: tension, adrenalin or (later) cortisol, leading to agitation and restlessness. You can get that from eating the wrong foods, as I found out in the 1980s. Nutritional deficiency, such as is rampant today in the Western world, with it’s manufactured junk, will lead to depletion of positive neurotransmitters, such as serotonin and dopamine. You will certainly FEEL anxious, till that is corrected.

Electronics also do a lot to over-agitate the nervous system and keep us in high beta (brainwaves of 25 Hertz or more).

What can we do?

If you suffer with anxiety or would like to feel more at peace in life, get a PAL device. That stands for personal accelerated learning and features a technology called brain entrainment. I’ve spoken of this amazing patented device before. It combines the well-established methods of binaural beats (hemi-sync and such like), with flashing lights at alpha/theta brain frequencies. The latter is even more potent than binaural beats at creating soothing theta states (theta is the brainwave frequency of trance and dreaming).

In the case of the PAL device from there is also added wonderful sweet and relaxing music plus gentle guiding voices. I have done a number of tracks for them and I have been told my voice is probably the gentlest and most healing and calming. But there are HUNDREDS of other tracks to choose from, by other trainers, on topics from beating addiction, to surviving cancer, losing weight or dying gracefully.

It’s by far the most powerful technology out there and way superior to established systems, such as Holosync from CenterPointe.

I sell the devices for $240.00 off the list price and you get a full 30-day guarantee. If you don’t like it, return it for a refund.



But there is more. Oh yes, much more. Next time I’ll tell you about the Inner Peace Process and the origins of Kreissonetics™  

2 thoughts on “Is This The Age Of Anxiety? – part 3

  1. Not really a comment but about difficulties obtaining programms.
    Dear Dr Keith,
    More than a year ago I bought from you a PAL device which functions well (but has not the programms available now and for a substancial lower price!)
    The problem is: My wife and I are foreigners. Even though it works well for me, I do not understand every word. My wife is French (Spanish as mother language) and has so much difficulties, she don’t like it.
    As a retired physicist (and naturopath, 1931) I wanted a more versatile version: A PAL device without the voice. I can mix the output with a soothing voice of a hypnotherapist who speaks Catalan and Spanish. Is this possible? And how to obtain programms which I can install? Thanks, Arthur

    • Arthur, I will cut and paste your query to Dale Springer, of New Reality.
      I believe they have a Spanish set coming out, so you could get those. Dale will confirm (or not)

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